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How Well Do You Know: Elizabethtown
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1. What was the reason the Spasmotica shoe was recalled?
The shoes fell apart
The shoes were deemed unsafe
They never said
People got hurt while wearing them
2. What pet project of Phil's does he have to cut due to Drew's $972 million loss?
A basketball team
An animal shelter rescue
Save the rainforest
Feeding children
3. How many years had Drew been working on his shoe design?
3 years
5 years
1 year
8 years
4. With what ingenious object does Drew plan to kill himself?
A washing machine
An exercise bike
A dishwasher
A stair master
5. Drew has a cool ring tone song that can be heard throughout the film. What famous group sings the song?
The Temptations
The Beatles
The Rolling Stones
The Four Tops
6. Claire claims to be a student of names. She states that Phils, Bens and Ellens can be dangerous and or bitchy. She has always had good experiences with men named _____, which is the name of Drew's dad.
7. Claire is quite insistent Drew not forget the exit to Elizabethtown. Quick, do you remember the exit Drew's not supposed to miss?
64 C
47 B
52 A
60 B
8. Everyone in Elizabethtown thinks Drew and his family are from California....when in fact, Drew and his folks live where?
9. When Drew is staring at his dad in the coffin, what is the word he thinks best describes his dad's face?
10. Drew's cousin Jessie seems to have an evil son of Satan. What is the little demon seed's name?
11. Jessie's claim to fame is almost playing as the opening act for what legendary band?
ZZ Top
Allman Brothers
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Creedence Clearwater
12. At the hotel, Drew is overwhelmed with the wedding of ______ who are lovin' life 24/7.
Shane and Stacey
Chuck and Cindy
Jared and Jessica
David and Denise
13. Drew becomes acquainted with Chuck who instantly bonds with him, after Drew was caught trying to steal Chuck's:
Room service
Bath towels
14. Drew and Claire spend their fist day together picking out a urn. Whose grave site does Claire take Drew to see?
Colonel Sanders
Mark Twain
Wilson Pickett
Stonewall Jackson
15. Claire describes Drew and herself as ______ people.
16. Claire gives Drew a video tape to shut Samson up. What was the video about?
Tearing down building
Burning down barns
Blowing up houses
Crash test cars
17. Claire shows up unexpectedly at Drew's hotel, wearing what she calls "unlucky" clothes. What was Claire wearing that was so unlucky?
18. Drew's mom gives an eulogy on stage, and tells the guest she's been keeping herself busy. What DOESN'T she mention she's been learning to do?
Become a comedian
Tap dance
Become an organic chief
19. Drew's mom tells a hilarious story on stage involving what?
A horse
A boner
A hot dog
20. To what song does Jessie's band Ruckus rock out to at Mitch's funeral?
Stairway to Heaven
A picture of me
Free Bird
Wish You Were Here
21. Claire's wonderful map directions gives Drew the order to pause for 30 minutes for the greatest ________ in the world.
Barbecue ribs
Fried chicken
22. Claire gives Drew the directions to spread his dad's ashes at the ______ memorial.
Civil War
Martin Luther King, Jr.
American Veteran
23. Claire gives Drew the good advice that he should just stop and ___________ for awhile.
24. Claire gives Drew the idea he should spread his dad's ashes at:
Bird World
Insect World
Fish World
Dinosaur World
25. Claire's last instructions are to look for the girl with what?
A red hat
A purple sweater
A green jacket
A yellow scarf

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