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How Well Do You Know: 2011: The Year in Charlie Sheen
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1. The Charlie Sheen Quote Machine was in overdrive this year. According to Charlie, he has _____ DNA and _____ blood.
Atlas / tiger
Adonis / panther
Achilles / panther
Adonis / tiger
2. As the Sheen's antics escalated, he began broadcasting a web series/ramblings called Sheen's Korner. What is the moniker he gave his mansion, where filmed the series?
Land of Milk and Honeys
The House that Sheen Built
Happy Hills Manor
Sober Valley Lodge
3. During one of his many rantings, we learned that Charlie only fears three things. Which is one of those three?
Failure. Unhirable, shutdown failure.
4. Doing what he can to stay in the news, Charlie Sheen resurrected the two decade-old story of how Kelly Preston was shot in his home. Who does he say accidentally shot the actress in the arm?
Her now-husband John Travolta
His brother Emilio
Surprisingly, he admitted he did.
5. In one of his many interviews in 2011, he admitted that he ______ for his role in ______.
did steroids / Major League
blackmailed Oliver Stone / Wall Street
slept in a Vietnamese jungle for a week / Platoon
worked undercover in City Hall / Spin City
6. To capitalize on the media circus, Sheen decided to create his one traveling circus in the form of a touring 'comedy' show. Complete the name he gave the tour: My Violent ____ of Truth/_____ Is Not an Option
Tsunami / Failure
Tornado / Weakness
Assault / Escape
Torpedo / Defeat
7. What was the first city Charlie's "Torpedo of Truth" struck on its multi-city tour?
New York
San Francisco
Eugene, Oregon
8. When serving as the 'opening' act for what band, the audience of the band's faithful pelted Charlie with trash?
System of the Down
Insane Clown Posse
Breaking Benjamin
9. Looking positively normal and composed, Sheen made a surprise appearance at the Emmys and wished his former show the best for the new Charlie-less season. What fitting award was he there handing out?
Best Comedy Series
Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series
Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series
Best Writing in a Comedy Series
10. In a brilliant scheduling move, Comedy Central aired the Charlie Sheen Roast on the same night as what?
The Emmys
The season premiere of Two and a Half Men without Sheen
The announcement of his CBS replacement
The last web episode of Sheen's Korner
11. To ensure that there was no going back, Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre took the drastic step of killing off Sheen's character how?
Shot by a jealous husband
Hit by a train
OD'd from a night of cocaine and hookers
Suffered an aneurysm and died in his sleep
12. We won't have to wait long for Charlie to come back to the small screen, just not on one of the four main networks. Which cable channel announced they were picking up Sheen's new show based on Adam Sandler's Anger Management?
13. Uncharacteristic of his behavior earlier in the year, Charlie came to the rescue of ______ by bailing him/her out of jail when busted with enough cocaine to be charged with intent to distribute.
Denise Richards
Bree Olson
Brooke Mueller
Rachel Uchitel
14. After the frenzy finally died down, Sheen was quiet for several weeks. Then he capped off the year, by accidentally tweeting his phone number. Who was the random person he was trying to send a private message to?
Justin Bieber
Taylor Swift
Toby Keith
Demi Moore
15. One bright spot on his downward spiral in 2011 was that in a matter of________, Sheen became Guinness Book’s Fastest Time to Reach One Million Followers.
25 hours and 17 minutes
2 hours and 6 minutes
4 days, 7 hours and 39 minutes
2 weeks, 5 days, 1 hour and 7 minutes

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