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How Well Do You Know: 13 Going on 30
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1. 13 year-old Matt is saddled with this nickname:
2. 13 year-old Jenna aspires to be in this clique, which is led by Lucy:
Glam Squad
Queen Bees
Six Chicks
3. Jenna gets Lucy to come to her birthday party by promising:
To embarrass Matt
To write Lucy's report
To pay her
To give her Jenna's favorite necklace
4. Lucy sends Matt into the closet to meet Jenna for Seven Minutes in Heaven. Meanwhile, Lucy and everyone else at the party:
Locks the closet door
Sets off a fire extinguisher in the closet
Calls Jenna's parents
5. Jenna gets her wish to be "30 and Flirty and Thriving" thanks to:
Magic dust
A spell
A magic wand
A wish while blowing out birthday candles
6. 30 year-old Jenna wakes up in apartment to find a half-naked man, who freaks Jenna out. She wards him off with:
A frying pan
A wet towel
A broom
An umbrella
7. Jenna is surprised to find that she's an editor at this magazine:
8. At the first meeting Jenna attends, it comes to light that Poise is facing this problem:
Their top editors defect to a rival magazine
The magazine is about to go bankrupt
A rival magazine keeps scooping their covers
They are being sued by Matt
9. Lucy shudders at Jenna calling her this old nickname:
10. 30 year-old Matt is a:
Mayoral candidate
Night club promoter
11. Jenna salvages the magazine's party by getting people dancing to this 80s staple:
Beat It
Tainted Love
Safety Dance
12. Jenna finds out that her boyfriend plays this professional sport:
13. Matt introduces Jenna to his fiancee, who tells Jenna that she wants Matt:
To change occupations
To move to Chicago
To stop seeing Jenna
To finish college
14. The magazine's board of directors states that insist that the editors confront this R-word:
15. Messages taken for Jenna by her secretary reveal that Jenna:
Knows many, many famous people
Is completely without scruples
Is universally loved
Is about to be fired
16. The schism between Jenna and Lucy, who Jenna assumes is her best friend, is revealed when Jenna overhears Lucy talking about plans to:
Frame the editor-in-chief for the leaks to the rival magazine
Develop ideas for the redesign without her
Make a move on Matt
Make a move on Jenna's boyfriend
17. Overwhelmed by the direction her life is going in, Jenna retreats to:
Her old middle school
Her parents' house
Matt's apartment
Matt's old house
18. Matt explains to Jenna that they stopped being friends on Jenna's 13th birthday, when she threw at Matt this gift that he had made for her:
A dream house
A model guitar
A photo album
A diorama of her singing on stage
19. What is the name of the sweet treat (part candy, part gum) that Matt and Jenna reminisce over?
20. After recounting her feelings for Matt to girls from her apartment building, Jenna and the girls dance on her bed to this song:
Love is a Battlefield
When Doves Cry
Let's Hear It for the Boy
Like a Virgin
21. While Jenna and Matt develop a very wholesome, down-to-earth theme for their redesign idea, Lucy goes with this ridiculously edgy theme for her presentation:
Fashion apocalypse
Fashion suicide
Fashion terrorism
Fashion heart attack
22. It turns out the person who has been sabotaging Poise by leaking information to the rival magazine is:
Richard, the editor-in-chief
Jenna's assistant
23. The photographs that Jenna hires Matt to take end up:
In Poise, and end up saving the magazine
In Poise, and end up sinking the magazine
In a rival magazine
Not being used
24. A gift is exchanged between Matt and Jenna on the day of Matt's wedding. What is it?
Matt gives Jenna the dream house
Jenna gives Matt a new camera
Matt gives Jenna a photo album
Jenna gives Matt Razzles
25. This song, having been used earlier in the film, plays when Jenna and Matt are married and move into their house together:
Eternal Flame
If You Leave
Stand By Me
Crazy for You

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