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How Well Do You Know: Insidious
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1. Which is true of the house that Josh and Renai live in at the beginning of the movie?
It's Josh's childhood home
It's Renai's childhood home
The couple moved in right after they were married
They have just moved in
2. Dalton notices this as he looks at a photo album with his mother:
There are no older pictures of Renai
There are no older pictures of Josh
There is a creepy old woman in several of them
There is a creepy young child standing next to him in several of them
3. What is the first physical sign that something is afoot in the house?
Books have been knocked off a bookshelf
Bloody handprints appear on the wall
A cross on the wall has been turned upside down
A snowglobe has been smashed
4. How did Dalton fall in the attic?
He slipped on marbles
A ladder rung broke
A light bulb burst and he tripped in the dark
A bony hand grabbed his ankle
5. As she finishes unpacking, Renai cannot find a box of __________ (which relates to her occupation). Later, the box appears in the attic:
Law books
Sheet music
6. After Dalton slips into a coma, the film jumps ahead:
Three years
Three months
One year
Nine months
7. "There's nothing you can do. Nothing you can do." Renai hears this super spooky voice:
Over the radio
On a baby monitor
On a static-y TV channel
On her phone
8. Foster, Dalton's brother, wants to change rooms. He doesn't like how:
The bed in his room moves by itself
Something scratches on the window at night
Something is in the closet
Dalton walks around at night
9. While Josh is investigating a knock at the door,Renai sees a scary old lady:
On the front porch
In the attic
In Dalton's room
In the baby's room
10. While straightening Dalton's bed, Renai finds:
Cornhusk dolls of the family members
A bloody handprint
A broken mirror
Words written in a foreign language
11. The family moves, but the odd occurrences continue. After getting fleeting glimpses of him, Renai finds an odd boy hiding in:
The attic
A wardrobe
The bathroom
The baby's room
12. Elise arrives on the scene, but not before her advance team do some preliminary test. What are the names of the two men?
Ecks and Ohs
Specs and Tucker
Dozer and Walton
Needles and Kettle
13. What is Elise's connection of the family?
She's an old friend of Josh's mother
She is Dalton's godmother
She is Dalton's actual birth mother
She is Renai's former nanny
14. Elise frantically whispers a description of a frightening figure that she sees. Where in Dalton's room does Elise see the specter?
Under his bed
In his bed
Sitting in the window
On the ceiling
15. Elise calls people who have the ability to astral project:
Spirit walkers
Astral-projectors, obviously
16. Elise calls the place that Dalton has become lost:
The Hopeless
The Further
The Dark Well
The Hole
17. After first angrily ejecting Elise and company, Josh has the the paranormal team back to the house after seeing:
Drawings Dalton has made
Bloody handprints under Dalton's bed
The strange boy that Renai described
The figure that Elise described
18. Speaking through Elise, Dalton says that he is afraid of being hurt by the man with _______ on his face:
19. The chaotic events surrounding the end of the seance begin when:
Renai becomes possessed
Dalton rises and strikes the table
A camera explodes
A chandelier falls from the ceiling
20. We learn from Lorraine that Josh used to be terrified of _______ that used to visit him during the night:
A three-headed dog
An old woman
A young boy
The ghost of his father
21. As evidence of Josh's earlier haunting, Lorraine presents:
Scars on his back
Scars on her back
Drawings similar to those that Dalton drew
22. Who is hypnotized to try to save Dalton?
23. After a rather odd journey into the Further, Josh finds Dalton ________ in his childhood home:
In the attic
Drowning in a bathtub
Being buried alive
24. Josh and Dalton returns, and everything okey-dokey.....until Elise is strangled by:
25. Did you stay through the credits? If so, you may remember a short scene of a freaky looking woman:
Standing over Josh as he slept
Blowing out a candle
Looking through old pictures of Josh
Hanging herself in the attic of the first house seen in the film

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