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How Well Do You Know: What About Bob?
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1. What was the name of Bob's former doctor, who refereed him to Dr. Marvin?
2. When Bob first enters Dr. Marvin's office, he wants to play a guessing game. What does Bob try to guess?
How many kids he has
How old Leo is
Where Dr. Marvin is from
The names of Leo's family members
3. "So the question is, what is the crisis, Bob?" What IS'NT on Bob's list?
His heart may stop
He might have cardiac arrest
He might have a aneurysm
His bladder might explode
4. What is the reason Bob gives for his wife and him getting divorced?
She liked south western decor
She liked Neil Diamond
She didn't like fish
She liked pistachio Ice cream
5. After a phony suicide, Bob finds out where Dr. Marvin is vacationing. Dr. Marvin will be at Lake Winnipesaukee ______ until labor day.
New Hampshire
Rhode Island
6. What is the name of Bob's trusty fish compainion?
7. Dr. Marvin writes Bob a prescription: Take a vacation from your:
8. Bob gives Anna some good advice on people, you should treat people as if they were _____?
Ice cream cones
9. Dr. Leo gets mad when Anne invites Bob to do what with her?
Go fishing
Go sailing
Go to to the beach
Go out to eat
10. Dr. Leo gets even angrier when Bob teaches Siggy to do what?
Throw a ball
Catch a ball
11. What food DIDN'T Bob eat at dinner with the Marvins to bring him into orgasmic delight?
Fried chicken
Corn on cob
Apple pie
12. How does Bob save Leo from choking?
Kneeing him in the back
Giving him the heimlich maneuver
Sitting on his stomach
Hitting him in the back
13. Leo says, "I don't wanna be rude, but maybe it's time for Bob to sing his way home." What was Bob so beautifully singing?
New York, New York
Singin' in the Rain
Put on a Happy Face
Do-re-mi (Do a deer)
14. Leo is very nervous that ______ is coming to his house to inverview him.
Good Morning America
The Today Show
The Morning Show
The Early Show
15. Bob gives Siggy a great thing to be afraid of instead of death. What illness does Bob inform Siggy about?
Moebius syndrome
Tourette's syndrome
16. Bob takes over the interview and gives his opinion of greatness. Who DOESN'T Bob cite as people with brilliance?
Mother Teresa
Albert Schwitzer
Dr. Leo Marvin
17. What does Bob do at the mental insitute Leo takes him to, that makes the staff love him?
Tell jokes
Do tricks
18. Dr. Tomsky tells Leo, "This is your own fault, you never should have let him:"
Use your toothbrush
Spend the night
Come on vacation with you
Wear your pajamas
19. What DOESN'T happen to Leo on the way home to his surprise party?
He gets a flat tire
He runs out of gas
He gets a ticket
He gets splashed with mud
20. "Don't touch my sister!" Leo yells and attacks Bob at his birthday party. What is Leo's sister's name?
21. Leo steals black powder that was meant to blow what up?
Construction sites
22. One teaspoon of the powder will blow up a tree stump. How much black powder does Leo put on Bob?
50 pounds
20 pounds
30 pounds
10 pounds
23. Leo promises Bob he'll do what with Gil after he's gone?
Throw him in the lake
Flush him
Take care of him
Eat him
24. Why do the Guttman's hate Leo so much?
He built a big abnoxious house
He bought their land
They wanted the house he bought
They think he's stuck up
25. What does it show Leo's been up to, when his family comes to visit him in the insane asylum?
Basket weaving
Making things out of popsicle sticks

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