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How Well Do You Know: Splash
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1. What does Allen and his brother Freddie sell for a living?
2. When Allen first arrives at work there's a problem that involves what fruit?
Slimy cherries
Bruised apples
Wormy peaches
Rotten bananas
3. Allen has a small problem with his secretary Mrs. Stimler. What has happened to Mrs. Stimler to make her act so crazy?
A brick fell on her head
She was kicked in the head by a horse
She was struck by lightning
She walked into a pole
4. When Allen goes to visit Cape Cod, he falls in the water - only to be saved by a mermaid. What struck him in the head by to make him go under?
A rock
An oar
A board
A boat
5. When the mermaid is at Allen's apartment, she decides to go out shopping. What department store does she go to?
JC Penny's
6. The sales lady at Bloomingdale's questions the mermaid's attire. She asks her if she's trying to look like:
Victor / Victoria
Frank Sinatra
Annie Hall
7. In addition to finding a complete wardrobe, the mermaid also learns what from Bloomingdale's?
How to dance
How to speak
How to sing
How to read
8. The mermaid picks a name for her self from:
A billboard
A television commercial
A street sign
A restaurant sign
9. How long will Madison be in New York?
6 days
3 days
5 days
1 week
10. Freddie first learns about Madison when Allen and him are enjoying what sport together?
11. Allen's had the same problem with all his girlfriends and questions what's wrong with him. What seems to be Allen's problem?
He can't stay faithful
He can't commit
He gets bored and leaves
He can't love a woman
12. Walter is on the war path to prove that Madison is a mermaid. He gets badly beaten up when he does what to a Madison look-alike?
Sprays her with a hose
Squirts her with a water gun
Throws buckets of water on her
Push her in a fountain
13. What does Madison trade her necklace for that she gives to Allen?
A bench
A fountain
A painting
14. Allen has a strange experience at a restaurant with Madison, when she eats a _____ whole.
15. Madison revels to Allen she comes from a place with no ice. What doesn't Allen point out thats missing from Madison's world?
16. Walter's second attempt at exposing Madison for a mermaid fails as well. Where does he spray the second Madison look-alike?
In a restaurant
In a elevator
In a taxi cab
Coming out of a beauty salon
17. Allen decides Madison and him should get married in ________, because they don't require a blood test and Freddie always gets married there.
New Hampshire
18. Walter finally exposes Madison at a dinner with whom?
The governor
The vice president
The president
The mayor
19. The scientist captures Madison and want to know what information from Allen?
Her everyday habits
If he's a mermaid too
If he knows of others like her
What their sex life was like
20. Mean Dr. Ross says to Walter, "Run along, Walter, see if you can't find yourself a _____."
21. Reporters want information on Madison from Allen. Freddie wants to know if any of them are from _________ magazine.
22. Where does Allen find Walter and chastise him for ruining his life?
The dentist's office
In bed
In the doctor's office
In a bathroom
23. Allen and Freddie have to pretend to be doctors from __________ to get in and see Madison.
24. Walter and Allen tell the guards what about Madison, to make them afraid of her?
She'll eat you alive
She'll cut you in half with her tail
She knows karate
She shoots out laser beams
25. What happens to the end of the film to Allen?
Madison comes back to live with him
He lives with Madison in the water
He become a mer-man
He goes back home alone

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