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How Well Do You Know: Clueless
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1. As the film begins we see a montage of cool California teens having all kinds of fun. Cher says you're probably thinking this is a commercial for _______:
Stayfree maxi pads
2. Cher thinks Dionne and Murray act more like what famous couple?
Ken and Barbie
Ike and Tina Turner
Sid and Nancy
Barney and Betty Rubble
3. Cher does an oral report that states, "If the government just got to the kitchen and rearranged things we could surely party with the____?"
4. Cher and Dionne decide to play matchmaker to the teachers of which two subjects?
Speech & Biology
Debate & Earth Science
World History & Debate
Literature & Composition
5. Travis gives an acceptance speech in class for his 34 tardies. He states, "Tardiness is not something you can do on your own." Who does he NOT give thanks for in helping him be tardy?
A city bus driver
His brother
His parents
6. Cher thinks her mom was a total Betty. Unfortunately, she died tragically:
During liposuction
From bad perm
From an infection from a pedicure
Getting botox
7. Travis and Tia bond in the lunchroom over what cartoon character?
Marvin the Martian
Mickey Mouse
Scooby Doo
8. Cher doesn't think Tia will ever be popular if she keeps talking like she does. What new word does Cher teach Tia to use in a sentence?
9. Tia gets knocked out at the party by a flying clog. Elton asks her a question but Cher insists he asks her something she knows. What question does Elton ask her?
What's the capital of California?
What's 7x7?
How many states are there?
What's 12 +12?
10. Cher gets jacked by some crazy mugger who steals her purse and cell phone. Cher claims she can't lie down because her dress is a _________ - a, like, totally important designer.
11. Cher embarrasses Josh's girlfriend on her knowledge of what famous Shakespearean literature?
Romeo and Juliet
12. Cher is technically virgin - she is saving herself for who?
Mel Gibson
Joey Lawrence
Mario Lopez
Luke Perry
13. Cher decides searching for a boyfriend in school was as useless as searching for meaning in a __________ movie.
Keanu Reeves
Pauly Shore
Leslie Nelson
Jim Carrey
14. It's understandable Cher was confused about Christan's sexual orientation. When they first met he complimented her on her what?
15. Cher's dad asks her, "What are you wearing?" Cher answers, "A dress." He says, "Who says so?" What was Cher's reply?
Calvin Klein
Donna Karan
Ralph Lauren
Christan Dior
16. Cher assures Tia that Amber's not pretty, she's a total _____?
Van Gogh
17. Cher thinks __________ is way existential.
The Real World
Bevis and Butthead
Ren and Stimpy
Melrose Place
18. Christan sends out more gay vibes Cher missed, when he claims he has a thing for what famous actor?
Troy Donahue
Tony Curtis
James Dean
Rock Hudson
19. Tia has a near-death experience at the mall. What horrific situation is the damsel in distress in?
Getting caught in the escalator
Running into a glass door
Almost drowning in the fountain
Being hung off the ledge
20. As Lucy so eloquently says, "I am not a Mexican!" So where is Lucy from?
El Salvador
21. What song must Tia burn, that always reminds her of her love for Elton?
Rolling with the Homies
Fantastic Voyage
Big Poppa
What's My Name
22. Cher finds new-found virtue in helping others. What does she donate to the charity that her dad questions?
Her snorkel gear
Her father's bowling ball
Her skis
Her father's cigars
23. What does Travis donate to help Cher's charity?
Collection of zippo lighters
A lava lamp
A pot plant
A bong
24. Cher and Tia go see Travis perform in what competition?
BMX biking
25. AS if, Cher is only 16 she's not gonna marry Josh yet. Besides, she lives in California not ______.
West Virgina

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