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How Well Do You Know: Fast Times at Ridgemont High
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1. While waitress Stacy Hamilton is getting hit on at her job at Perry's Pizza, her brother Brad isn't having as fun a time at his job at All-American Burger. He has to scold Jeff Spicoli and his stoner friends for:
lighting up a joint at the table
taking their shirts off before entering the eating establishment
making faces and scaring the children in the restaurant
talking too loudly
2. While in the lunchroom on the first day at school, Stacy and friend Linda discuss the older high school girls who cultivated the look of what celebrity?
Pat Benatar
Jaclyn Smith
Cyndi Lauper
3. Mark (aka 'Rat') is smitten with young Stacy after seeing her in biology class. He gets love advice from someone who probably shouldn't be giving advice - who?
Mike Damone
Mr. Hand
4. Stacy sneaks out of the house to go on a "date" with the much older Ron Johnson (who works at the stereo store!). Where do they go?
the beach
The Point
the bowling alley
All-American Burger
5. Mr. Hand writes some words of wisdom from Jeff Spicoli on the classroom blackboard for all of his students to enjoy. The words are:
"Relax, man."
"Why bother?"
"I don't know."
"Want some pizza?"
6. Rat works up the nerve to talk to Stacy. He's been watching her working at the pizza parlor - he works in the mall, at the:
Mexican restaurant
shoe store
movie theater
7. Brad gets fired from his job after threatening a customer, who was angry because:
Brad wouldn't refill his orange juice
he wanted his money back for his mediocre breakfast and didn't want to fill out a form
his coffee wasn't hot enough for his liking
he was asked to leave to make room for new customers
8. Brad is having a really bad week. After losing his job, his girlfriend Lisa breaks up with him:
at Perry's Pizza, in front of Stacy
during a quiz in U.S. History
while he's driving her home from school
at a pep rally
9. Rat gets more dating tips from Mike Damone. Which of the following is not one of Mike's tips?
always call the shots
never tell a girl how pretty she looks or she'll become egotistical
when ordering food, find out what the girl wants and then order for her
put on side 1 of the Led Zeppelin IV album when making out
10. Rat panics during his date with Stacy when he realizes that:
he may or may not have food poisoning
Stacy is clearly not interested in him
he left his wallet at home
Brad is sitting at the table next to them
11. Spicoli covers his tracks after destroying Charles Jefferson's beloved car by:
calling the police, saying that a "gnarly looking" stranger did it
spray painting the car and making it look like the school's football rivals destroyed the car
pushing it off a bridge, causing Jefferson to report it missing
getting it repaired before Jefferson can figure out what happened
12. Linda catches Brad in an, uh, uncompromising position, after walking into the bathroom to look for:
a washcloth
toilet paper
aloe vera
13. Mr. Hand gets the upper hand with Spicoli by:
offering the rest of the class a piece of pizza that Jeff has delivered to his desk
telling Spicoli he will be taking 1 point off his final grade every time he is late to class
making fun of his manner of speaking in front of the class
calling his parents into school so they can see how their son acts
14. "Nice guy" Rat really likes Stacy, but she doesn't seem all that interested, as she has now set her sights on:
Mr. Hand
15. After informing him that she is pregnant, Mike agrees to give Stacy money for an abortion, and to give her a ride to the clinic. He winds up bailing on her, though, after:
realizing he doesn't have enough money to give her
meeting another woman on the way to get Stacy
getting stoned with Spicoli and his buddies
deciding he wants her to keep the baby
16. Stacy manages to get a ride to the clinic via Brad, who initially thinks she is going __________ instead.
to the library
out to eat with Linda
shopping for clothes
17. Linda gets revenge on Mike for bailing on Stacy by:
calling the cops with an anonymous tip that Mike is a ticket scalper
hitting him in the groin with one of her high-heeled shoes
spray painting "prick" on his car and locker
announcing what he did to Stacy on the loud speaker during homeroom announcements
18. Spicoli is a "stowaway" during a biology class field trip to a:
grocery store
19. Jeff winds up missing a good portion of the last dance of the year after getting an unexpected visitor: _________.
Charles Jefferson
Mr. Hand
20. Brad, now working at a convenience store, is able to thwart a robbery thanks to ______.
Mr. Hand

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