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How Well Do You Know: The King's Speech
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1. The film's opening scene shows Prince Albert, the Duke of York (aka "Bertie"), attempting to speak in front of a large crowd. Where is he giving this speech?
automobile dealership in Surrey
Empire Exhibition at Wembley Stadium
coronation at Westminster Abbey
his daughter's kindergarten graduation ceremony
2. The Duke's wife Elizabeth goes to visit Lionel Logue, a man who deals with "speech defects". Not wanting to tell Mr. Logue who she and her husband are, she gives him a pseudonym. What name does she use?
3. Bertie's daughters, Elizabeth and Margaret, ask him to tell them a story. He makes up a story on the spot about - what animal?
4. Lionel may work to correct speech defects as his day job, but he has another passion - what is it?
theatre acting
opera singing
tap dancing
5. Bertie and Lionel's first meeting does not go all that well, as the Duke is annoyed by much of what Lionel has to say. Which of the following does not happen during the meeting?
Lionel does not let the Duke smoke
Lionel insists on calling the Duke "Bertie", a nickname used only by family
Lionel asks the Duke to discuss personal matters
Lionel tells the Duke he will charge him a shilling every time he stammers, until the stammer is gone
6. At the end of their first meeting, Lionel tries an experiment with the Duke. He has Bertie read while listening to earphones, so he can't hear what he's reading. Which author does Lionel have Bertie read?
William Shakespeare
Jane Austen
Edgar Allan Poe
Walt Whitman
7. After giving his Christmas radio address, Bertie's father, King George V, talks about his other son, David. What is the King's issue with David?
he has made it clear he does not want to be king
he spends too much money
he is romantically involved with a married woman
he is planning on giving up parental rights to his children
8. Bertie decides to give lessons with Lionel another try after:
meeting a woman who has had speech lessons from Lionel
his wife asks him to reconsider
he attempts to give another speech at Wembley and fails
he listens to the record Lionel gave him on the way out of their first meeting
9. While visiting his family, David blames his father of:
favoring Bertie to David
dying prematurely to keep him away from his girlfriend
writing David out of his will
abuse when he was a young boy
10. Bertie pays Lionel a surprise visit after the death of his father. What is Lionel doing when Bertie shows up?
acting out a scene from a play for his children's entertainment
eating dinner with his wife and children
listening to an old radio broadcast of Albert attempting to give a speech
reading a book on the royal family
11. Bertie asks Lionel what his father, also deceased, did for a living. Lionel responds he was a(n):
factory worker
brewer of beer
airplane mechanic
12. After struggling to get his words out regarding his brother David, Lionel makes a deal with Bertie: if he __________, he can ___________.
says something positive about his abilities as king; have a glass of Scotch
admits David was a poor leader; have his shilling back
can say 5 words without stammering; skip his next lesson
sings what he wants to say; put together a model airplane
13. Bertie talks to Lionel about some painful parts of his childhood. Which of the following did not happen to Bertie?
he was "punished" for using his left hand to write rather than his right hand
his parents informed him he had not been "wanted", and favored the other children to him
his brother died when he was young
his nanny pinched him so he'd cry, then refused to feed him
14. While attending a party hosted by Wallis Simpson, David's (very married) girlfriend, Bertie and David fight over many issues. Which is not one of them?
David being involved with a married woman
David accusing Bertie of trying to push him off the throne
David's lack of regard for his duties as king
Wallis's cold demeanor towards Bertie's wife Elizabeth
15. Lionel points out to Bertie that he doesn't stutter when he:
does jumping jacks
16. Who helps Bertie pick the name he will be called after becomes king, once it is assumed that his brother will abdicate the throne to marry his now-divorced girlfriend Wallis Simpson?
Franklin D. Roosevelt
brother David (King Edward)
Winston Churchill
17. After their falling-out, Bertie (now King George VI) goes to apologize to Lionel and ask for his help once more. Who is shocked to find Lionel speaking to the new king of Britain?
Lionel's wife Myrtle
Elizabeth, Bertie's wife (now the Queen)
Winston Churchill
Lionel's sons
18. Seeming slightly annoyed that Lionel Logue is standing in Westminster Abbey being treated as a member of the King's family, the Archbishop of Canterbury does some snooping around and discovers that Lionel:
is not in the country legally
is not a licensed doctor
has been passing stories about his experiences treating a member of the royal family around town
has been charging Bertie double what he charges his other patients
19. Bertie decides to continue to work with Lionel despite his lack of credentials, and that is a good thing since Bertie unexpectedly has to give a radio address regarding Britain's involvement in WWII. Bertie says that no matter how the speech turns out, he doesn't know how to thank Lionel for all he has done. What is Lionel's response?
"A raise?"
"An invitation to Buckingham Palace?"
"Another shilling?"
20. Lionel receives unexpected compliments from the Royal family after his speech. The King calls Lionel his friend; what does the Queen do?
calls him "Lionel" rather than "Mr. Logue"
kisses him on the cheek and hugs him warmly
asks Lionel and his wife over to the palace for dinner
tells Lionel he's made her husband a stronger person

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