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How Well Do You Know: The A-Team
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The team ultimately escapes from the sanitarium by steering an airborne tank into a lake, which wouldn't have been necessary had their plane not been shot down by:
steiner2 11/26/12 4:50 am


1. The film suggests that these two team members knew each other before the action in the film began:
Hannibal and Face
B.A. and Face
Hannibal and Murdock
B.A. and Murdock
2. The film begins "somewhere in:"
3. Which are the earliest and latest team members to appear in the film?
Face and B.A.
Hannibal and B.A.
Hannibal and Murdock
Face and Murdock
4. "Last week, he tried to escape by jump-starting ________. With a defibrillator."
An ambulance
A hearse
A school bus
A cement mixer
5. As used by team members a couple of times early in the film, when you hear these code words, you know that hell is about to rain down on you:
Tango Echo Charlie
Delta Oscar Zulu
Victor Whiskey Bravo
Alpha Michael Foxtrot
6. Action shifts to an Army base outside of which city, which we learn is home to a large counterfeiting operation?
7. Charissa Sosa has had a previous relationship with a member of the team. Which is true?
She is Hannibal's niece
She was Face's former lover
She served in B.A.'s unit
She was Murdock's therapist
8. The scummy Pike is in charge of an extra-military unit that causes a major headache for Hannibal Smith and his team during the film. What is the name of the unit?
Black Forest
Deep Strike
Blue Heart
9. In their preparations for the raid to retrieve the plates, the team requisitions the following, except:
Car battery
News camera
50 gallons of diesel fuel
Air bags
10. Who had the least active role in the ambush of the convoy transporting the plates and counterfeit money?
11. Prior to his escape, Hannibal learns that Pike is alive in Germany, accompanied by a mysterious man who has been come to be known only as:
The Russian
The Shadow
The Arab
The Hammer
12. Who visits the incarcerated Smith and aids his escape?
Lynch, the CIA guy
Director McCready
13. Hannibal escapes thanks to:
A poisoned cigar
An explosive cigar
A magnetic watch
A radioactive watch
14. License plates that suggest the words ____________ signal to B.A. that his rescue is on:
Road flares
Duck head down
Emergency exit now
Go rear door
15. Murdock is broken out of a sanitarium when he and the other residents gather for a special 3D viewing of a film called:
The Dirty Third Dozen
Saving Private Murdock
The Greater Escape
Glorious Bastards
16. The team ultimately escapes from the sanitarium by steering an airborne tank into a lake, which wouldn't have been necessary had their plane not been shot down by:
An unmanned drone
A stealth fighter
A Blackhawk helicopter
Surface-to-air missiles
17. The team prevents Lynch from killing Sosa in:
A marketplace
A train station
A crowded intersection
An office building
18. How is "the Arab," who turns out to be Morrison, extracted out from under Pike's nose in an office building?
By zipline and elevator shaft
By taser and glider
By knock-out gas
By parachute and helicopter
19. From where does Smith place a call to Sosa telling her that he has Morrison and the plates?
On a boat
In a car trailing Lynch
In a cafe across from Sosa's office
On a plane
20. Which of the following is key to the team making it through customs to enter the US?
Face flirts with the customs agent
B.A. passes out
Hannibal outwits the consulate
Murdock speaks Swahili
21. One of the few things that can calm B.A. is Murdock's offering to make him a coconut curry tapenade, with:
Lemongrass gastrique
Toast points
Pickled ginger
Frito chips
22. Face uses three words to describe his plan on how to draw out Lynch. Which is not one of them?
23. Before the final showdown, B.A. and Hannibal exchange quotations from which historical leader?
Genghis Khan
24. A whole bunch of _________ are blown up during the climax:
Shipping containers
Fuel drums
25. Who kills Pike and Lynch, respectively?
No one and Hannibal
B.A. and no one
Face and Sosa
Hannibal and B.A.

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