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How Well Do You Know: The Fighter
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1. Dicky's primary claim to fame stems from a bout between him and this acclaimed fighter:
Roberto Durant
Thomas "The Hitman" Hearns
George Foreman
Sugar Ray Leonard
2. Through a good portion of the film, a film crew follows Mickey and Dicky. What cable TV channel is making the film?
3. Mickey uses this term to describe himself as a fighter to Charlene:
Unpolished diamond
Stepping stone
4. Micky explains the ______________ fight strategy to Charlene:
Stick and jab
Head, body, head, body
Stay off the ropes
5. The real life Mickey O'Keefe plays himself in the film. Outside his involvement with Mickey Ward, O'Keefe's profession was:
Police man
Loan shark
6. Mickey was to fight a fighter whose name is ______________, but fought someone else, as the intended opponent was sidelined by _________:
Irish and Indian / a car accident
Black and Jewish / the flu
German and Egyptian / a dog bite
Polish and Mexican / a gunshot wound
7. Dicky makes everyone wait for their flight to __________ for Mickey's fight, as he is _______________:
Detroit / running a scam
Atlantic City / making out with a girl
Dover / being chased by cops
Baltimore / scoring drugs
8. This is Dicky's preferred method of exiting his house whenever his family comes calling:
Sliding down the fire escape
Jumping into the trash
Shimmying down an downspout
Climbing out the cellar door
9. Mickey and Charlene's first date is rather forgettable, in that Mickey:
Vomits in the restroom
Is two hours late picking her up
Keeps calling her by the wrong name
Falls asleep
10. Mickey's sisters describe Charlene as "one of those:"
Cadillac girls
MTV girls
Pantene girls
11. When they first meet, Mickey's sisters object to Charlene's use of:
The good china
Their nicknames
The sofa
The Lord's name in vain
12. The film acknowledges the Massachusetts town the brothers live in several times, making a handful of references to "The Pride of:"
13. Dicky lands in jail when he tries to run a scam in which he pretends to be a cop and bust a man for:
A speeding infraction
Solicitation of prostitution
Drug possession
Writing bad checks
14. Dicky doesn't have an easy time in prison. We see him:
Suffering from TB
Being beaten by the prisoners
Being beaten by the guards
Struggling with withdrawal
15. When Alice and her daughters come a-callin' on Charlene, she and Mickey are:
Making dinner
Making out
Drinking on her porch
Watching TV
16. Charlene and the sisters throw down, resulting in one of the sisters getting a:
Busted nose
Punctured kidney
Knee to the groin
Clump of hair torn out
17. Mickey fights under the nickname:
18. The relationship between Dicky and Mickey pivots on a fight Mickey has while his brother is in prison. What is the name of Mickey's opponent, who is defeated in large part due to Dicky's advice?
19. Dicky follows the action in the Sanchez fight:
Relayed over the phone by Alice
On the radio
Through updates supplied by the guards
20. When he is released from prison, who is waiting outside the gates to greet Dicky?
Alice and Mickey
Alice and his sisters
Alice and Dicky's son
No one
21. Who storms out of of the gym after the confrontation following the "Not you, not you and not you" scene?
Alice and Dicky
Dicky and O'Keefe
Charlene and O'Keefe
Alice and Charlene
22. When Dickey visits his old house for the last time in the film, he walks away after leaving:
A cake
A car
A rent check
A stack of records
23. After the confrontation in the gym after Dicky's release, he and Charlene has things out:
In a parking lot
On her porch
At a baseball game
In a bar
24. Mickey flies to this international city for his title fight:
Mexico City
25. Mickey wins the title fighting at this weight class
Light heavyweight

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