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How Well Do You Know: Teen Wolf
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1. Scott Howard plays basketball for his high school team, which has this less-than-menacing nickname:
2. Their nemeses, the Dragons, who they play in the opening scene of the movie, wear this color:
3. The first hint of Scott's emerging lycanthropy comes toward at the end of the game at the beginning of the film, as he growls when:
He gets ready for a jump ball
He fights for a loose ball
He is fouled hard
He jumps to block a shot
4. Changing in the locker room, Scott plucks out a really long hair from:
His head
His cheek
His back
His chest
5. Scott's dad runs this type of business:
Hardware store
Plant nursery
Record store
6. It's clear that Scott is smitten with the beautiful-but-frankly-not-worth-his-time Pamela Wells as his delivery of supplies interrupts her:
Dance recital
Play rehearsal
Voice lessons
Cheerleading practice
7. Angry that his attempt to buy a keg is thwarted by the crusty old liquor store clerk, Stiles utters this slogan to Lewis:
Nobody tells me what I can't do
Nothing is impossible
Damn the man
Never say die
8. "Give me...a keg.... of beer." What transformation briefly takes place as Scott scares the liquor store clerk into letting him buy alcohol?
His eyes glow
Fangs grow from his teeth
Hair grows on his face
His hands elongate
9. What classic surf music title plays as Stiles, and later wolf-Scott, van-surfs through the streets of the town?
Surfin' USA
Surf City
10. At a party, Scott and Boof are locked into a closet together. After some making out, Boof emerges with scratches on her:
11. We see Scott transforming into full-on wolf mode in a bathroom in his house. Which of the following is not part of the metamorphosis?
His teeth grow into fangs
His shirt splits open
His fingernails grown into claws
Lots and lots of hair grows
12. Scott begins to change one day in school. What is he doing when he begins to wolf-out?
Talking to Pamela
Writing on a blackboard
Listening to a lecture
Taking a test
13. Scott reveals himself as the wolf to which of his friends first?
14. Scott and Boof reminisce about a time, as children, they:
Got grounded by trying to sell mud pies in the neighborhood
Blew up his toilet with firecrackers
Painted the fence at her house
Tried to run away from home
15. Scott changes into the wolf during a basketball game while his team played:
The defending regional champs
The last-place team in their conference
A military school
The Dragons, for the second time in the movie
16. Now a sensation, Scott-as-the-wolf lands a small part in Pamela Wells's play, appearing as a/n:
Airplane pilot
Masked crime fighter
Civil war soldier
Debonair spy
17. A howl is heard throughout the town as Pamela disrobes in front of Scott:
In the girls' locker room
In her dressing room
In her bedroom
On the deserted basketball court
18. Wolf-Scott completely takes over his team's basketball games. The degree to which the other teammates become irrelevant is reflected in Chubby eating this on the court during a game:
A slice of pizza
An apple
A turkey leg
A piece of Pie
19. "There are three rules that I live by..... Now you stick to that, and everything else is cream cheese." Which of the following is not one of the rules that the coach lives by?
Never accept a collect call from your brother
Never get less than twelve hours sleep
Never play cards with a guy who has the same first name as a city
Never get involved with a woman with a tattoo of a dagger on her body.
20. We learn that Vice Principal Thorne's constant badgering of Scott traces back to a conflict between Harold and Thorne, which resulted in:
Thorne being rushed to the emergency room
Harold killing some of Thorne's family's pets
Thorne losing control of his bodily functions
Thorne having Harold thrown in jail
21. Boof accepts Scott's invitation to the big dance, on the condition that:
He not dance with Pamela Wells
He makes up with Lewis first
He agree to rejoin the basketball team
He not appear as the wolf
22. What song plays as we see wolf-Scott getting ready for the dance?
Sharp Dressed Man
Let's Go Crazy
Stayin' Alive
23. The wolf makes an appearance at the dance. What happens to cause him to change back into Scott?
Thorne threatens him
Boof kisses him
Lewis laughs at him
His dad admonishes him
24. Say, what is the name of the song, probably never heard outside of this movie, that plays during the Beavers' stirring comeback during the championship game?
Fire Inside
Win in the End
Nobody But You
Claim the Victory
25. In closing, the dark-haired tool who is the main antagonist in the film? The prick who is Pamela's boyfriend and plays for the Dragons?

Yeah, that guy. So what is his name, anyway?

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