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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Frogger
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1. "OK, pile it on". At the beginning of the show, there's a party with two cakes for two Walters, one who's celebrating a birthday and the other:
Is converting to Latvian Orthodox
Whose last day it is
Who was recently promoted from the mail room
Is Peterman's new Head Buyer
2. What is the name of the pizza place that is closing and in which George and Jerry find the Frogger?
Famous Original Ray's
3. Kramer tells Jerry and Elaine about the Lopper, indicating that the police have suggested each of the following names for the criminal, except for:
Son of Dad
4. George is delighted to find that he is still atop the high scores on Frogger. What initials are in the top spot?
5. George recalls that the night he got the high score, he was fueled by the perfect combination of:
Tomato sauce and oven grease
Pepperoni and Yoo-hoo
Anchovies and Jolt cola
Mountain Dew and mozzarella
6. Jerry's dating Elaine's friend Lisi. His complaint? "She's a sentence finisher. It's like dating ________."
Mad Libs
Choose Your Own Adventure
A thesaurus
An interrupting cow
7. Jerry frets that Lisi wants to take him to this location: "That's the serious relationship weekend place!"
A B&B on the East River
The Poconos
New Hampshire
Pennsylvania Dutch country
8. Meet Slippery Pete. "Slippery Pete, Kramer tells me you are one hell of ________ electrician."
A guerrilla
A rogue
A black-bag
An unseemly
9. Slippery Pete's mastery of all things electric is called into question when he refers to an electrical outlet as:
The juice box
The slits
The holes
The shock place
10. Jerry has broken up with Lisi, but is forced to reconcile him when he mistakes which of the following for the Lopper?
Slippery Pete
Shlomo the truck driver
J. Peterman
11. Peterman bought the piece of cake that Elaine consumes for $29,000. Lubeck, Peterman's vintage pastry appraiser, state the value of the Entenmann's at:
12. Which of the following is not a factor that propels George to make an ill-fated dash across the street with the Frogger machine?
Slippery Pete's battery has worn down
Shlomo's truck is getting towed
Mario's has closed
Kramer is out of police tape

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