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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Finale
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1. Jill is a friend of Elaine's. Jill's father is in the hospital. Throughout the episode, Elaine commits several infractions when she tries to call Jill. Which wrong does Elaine commit first?
Leaves a message on her answering machine
Puts her on hold to take a call from Jerry
Calls her from her cell phone while walking down the street
Calls her from a pay phone at Monk's
2. NBC summons George and Jerry in for a meeting about the series Jerry. George is hesitant to go, in that he doesn't have this accessory with him, and therefore doesn't look like a writer:
Pocket square
Sweater vest
Penny loafers
Sports jacket
3. Kramer comes back from the beach with this affliction - which has great repercussions later in the episode:
Severe sunburn
Water in his ear
Sand in his hair
A stingray sting on his foot
4. "She's a seductress, she's a siren, she's a virgin, she's a whore!" Kramer says this to Jerry in regards to:
Their one-time shared girlfriend Pam
Los Angeles
5. NBC offers to fly the four in a private jet anywhere they want. After debating and rejecting a number of locations (Russia: too bleak; Switzerland: too hilly), they settle on this destination:
6. George dislikes the private jet, and stews that it isn't the same one that NBC would have sent for this former network star:
Corbin Bernsen
Bill Cosby
Ted Danson
Johnny Carson
7. Elaine and George bicker throughout the entire episode. Just before the jet experiences trouble, she mocks the way he is sitting in his chair as:
8. The jet touches down near this town, which is soon to be the site of the group's incarceration:
Montpelier, Vermont
Latham, Massachusetts
Springfield, Massachusetts
South Burlington, Vermont
9. The carjack victim is notable in that he is noticeably:
10. The episode contains excerpts from a program on the court proceedings. Which media star hosts the program?
Larry King
Maury Povich
11. The montage of people packing to leave for the trial shows each of the following, except for:
Jack Klompus
Uncle Leo
Keith Hernandez
12. The judge overseeing the trial has name that has resonance to those on trial. Say hello to the honorable:
Martin Van Nostrand
H.E. Pennypacker
Arthur Vandelay
Eduardo Carrochio
13. The trial includes footage shot by ___________, who was running a video camera during the carjacking:
14. Which of the following in specifically mentioned by a witness during the trial?
Letting someone fall off a mountain
Buring the Puerto Rican flag
Dropping a bladder filled with oil on someone
Urinating in a parking garage
15. The first character witness to be called forward is:
Justin Pitt
Russell Dalrymple
Ping the Chinese food delivery boy
The marble rye lady
16. Which of Jerry's former lovers testifies on the stand?
Marla the virgin
Rachel, who Jerry made out with during Schindler's List
Jodi the non-massaging masseuse
Dr. Sarah Sitarides, Pimple Popper, MD
17. During the testimony, we learn the Soup Nazi's real name. What is it?
Fez Dhogbi
Yev Kassem
Esteban Nosair
Raul Zenchenko
18. Who wags his/her finger at the New York Four during the trial?
Tony the mechanic
The low talker
Babu Bhatt
George Steinbrenner
19. Which of Jerry's former girlfriends does Jackie bed (only to be interrupted by the return of the verdict)?
Sue Ellen Mishkie
Sue Ellen Mischke
Melissa the Constantly Naked
20. "Haven't we had this conversation before?" The episode closes with a mildly bickering conversation about a:
Belt loop

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