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How Well Do You Know: Unstoppable
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1. Right out of the station, let’s test your memory of the trains involved. What is the number of the ‘Unstoppable’ train?
2. So, now it only makes sense to ask: What is the number of Frank Barnes (Denzel Washington) and Will Colson’s (Chris Pine) train?
3. When we first meet Will, he is staying at his brother’s house. Why?
His house was foreclosed on
His wife got a restraining order against him
He just got out of prison
He's new in town
4. Why did Will’s wife feel the need to get said restraining order?
He tried to set their house on fire
He cheated on her
He's a recovering alcoholic who relapsed
He pulled a gun on a cop/friend of his wife
5. Frank has been ‘on the job’ for how many years?
25 years
26 years
28 years
32 years
6. On the flip side, how many months has rookie Will been on the job?
4 months
6 months
9 months
12 months
7. Clearly inspired by the gear the rookies wear, what is the derogatory nickname used to refer to Will?
Yellow Jacket
Yellow Belly
Yellow Vest
8. Thanks to a slovenly fellow named Dewey, 777 has evolved from a ‘coaster’ to a runaway train. Dewey is played by an alumnus of what long running TV show?
My Name is Earl
That 70's Show
By way of explanation.....
Dewey has played by Ethan Suplee, who was Earl's brother on My Name is Earl.
9. Completing the trifecta of stupidity, Dewey did three things wrong when moving 777. Which is NOT something that caused the train to get away from them or complicate the situation?
Didn’t tie off the air brake
Left the cab
Didn't close the knuckle
Set the throttle at full power
10. The contents of cars 7-10 and 13-18 on 777 are of particular concern because they carry a highly combustible fluid. What company’s name is plastered on the side of the cars?
Axis Chemical
Petroco Chemical
Prixton Chemical
Brewster Chemical
11. Because 777 is a half mile long and loaded down with explosive materials, yardmaster Connie Hooper (Rosario Dawson) describes the train as a missile the size of what large landmark?
The Chrysler Building
The Sears Tower
Golden Gate Bridge
The Space Needle
12. Based upon the corporate leaders estimated cost of damages, they opt to not derail 777 in an unpopulated area. The projected cost was over ____ and 30-40% stock devaluation.
$50 million
$100 million
Half a billion dollars
$1 billion
13. Which of these is NOT one of the unsuccessful attempts to to stop 777?
portable derailer
shooting at the emergency stop button
putting another train in front of it to slow it down
landing a helicopter on the roof
14. Name the heavily populated town where Will lives and where 777 is heading at dangerous speeds and is expected to derail.
15. Two state troopers are shown pointing a gun of a different kind at the train – a radar gun. What is the top speed they clock on the radar gun?
71 mph
75 mph
81 mph
89 mph
16. In a case of obvious product placement, Frank’s daughters are working at what place with recognizable uniforms to pay for college?
T.G.I. Fridays
Corn Dog on a Stick
17. Speaking of Frank’s family, why isn’t his wife around?
She died of cancer 4 years ago
She walked out on him and their daughter 10 years ago
He left her because she was cheating on him
Trick question, she is still around
18. Frank decides to chase down the train even though he has already been forced into early retirement. He is ___ days into his 90 day notice the company gave him
19. While attempting to attach 1206 to the back of 777’s open knuckle on the last car, the impact spills the car's contents, which pour all over Will. What was in the car?
20. Having to manually force the pin in place to attach the car to 1206, Will injures what part of his body?
His hand
His shoulder
His knee
His foot
21. According to Ned (the Lead Welder), who Connie sends after the train, spot welding, military operations and this particular rescue operation are all about what?
22. Who is the one to finally stop the train by getting in the cab and applying the brake, thereby making the unstoppable train stop?
23. By the end of the film, there are several instances of vehicular carnage (i.e. police cars, a horse trailer and rail cars) but there is only a single casualty. Who is the only person to die?
Ryan Scott
Judd Stewart
Frank Barnes
24. According to the epilogue, which of our heroes was promoted to VP of Operations?
25. Which frequent Denzel collaborator directed the film?
Ridley Scott
Edward Zwick
Tony Scott
Spike Lee

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