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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Life on the Fast Lane
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Bart and Lisa are making Marge the best birthday breakfast ever! What are they making?
bacon and sausages
scrambled eggs
What has Bart bought Marge for her birthday?
a ceramic chicken
bath salts
a solid 24 carat gold necklace
a bottle of French perfume
Homer has not remembered Marge’s birthday and makes an emergency trip to the mall... I mean a little stroll around the block. He rejects getting a gift from all of the following stores except:
International House of Hair Removal
Girdles & Such Fancy Lingerie
The Carmel Corn Warehouse
The Jerky Hut
Homer never buys anything Marge wants – remember the tackle box, and the:
Connie Chung calendar
grilling tools
survival gear
complete spanner set
Patty is glad that Selma doesn’t know how to:
get her lip to look hairless
tempt a man
work the video camera
do the Heimlich maneuver
Homer has bought Marge a bowling ball – so she goes bowling with it. What is Marge’s shoe size?
11½ A
7 EE
13 AA
14 F
Homer is left behind to mind the kids. According to Homer, what is the food of kings?
Mexican food
hot pizza
a bucket of chicken
Marge has found a bowling teacher – Jacques. Jacques speaks with a French accent that disappears when he shouts the words:
“Two hot dogs!”
“Two pizza slices!”
“Four onion rings!”
“Four chicken wings!”
Jacques strokes Marge’s hand at all of the following occasions except:
as she fills in the scorecard
as she eases her feet into her bowling shoes
as she holds her hands over the cold air vent
as she dips onion rings in ketchup
Jacques’ head says no, but his heart and hips cry:
“Let’s go!”
How many pins in Jacques’ heart has Marge knocked over?
Lisa has read about what happens to kids who's parents no longer love and cherish each other – they go through eight separate stages. What is not one of the stages mentioned?
2 – denial
3 – fear
4 – shame
5 – self-pity
Where does Jacques live?
Fiesta Terrace
Stud Heights
Upscale Single Apartments
The Mayfair Arms
Homer realises that Marge might be seeing someone else, but he doesn’t say anything to her, except for complimenting her gift for:
pork chops
peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
mashed potatoes
ice cream sundaes
Homer says to tell the boss that he’s going to the back seat of his car with the woman he loves, and he won’t be back for:
five minutes
eight minutes
ten minutes
twelve minutes

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