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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Krusty Gets Busted
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What will Krusty’s audience do if his show ever went off the air?
hold their breath
scream till they are hoarse
kick their parents
kill themselves
Krusty is joined on stage by Brittany, who has a choice to make – have Krusty sing her a birthday song, or:
throw a pie in Sideshow Bob’s face
shoot Sideshow Bob out of a cannon
watch Sideshow Bob wrestle with a man-eating tiger
set Sideshow Bob’s hair on fire
Patty and Selma are coming over to show slides of their trip to:
the Amazon
the Netherlands
the Yucatan
the Grand Canyon
To celebrate Patty and Selma’s visit, Marge asks Homer to stop at the Kwik-E-Mart and buy:
extra-fancy chips and dip
frozen chocolate cake
premium ice cream
lavender-scented air freshener
The Kwik-E-Mart is robbed, by none other than Krusty! Homer’s response is a cowardly dive into a display of what kind of heavily-salted snack treats?
potato chips
pork rinds
The last slide of Patty and Selma’s trip is:
their luggage being searched at the airport
Patty arguing with the cab driver over their fare
the mail waiting for them when they got back
Selma dropping off the vacation film to be developed
Earlier this evening, the Springfield SWAT team apprehended the TV clown, who appears on a rival station opposite which Emmy Award winning host?
Hobo Hank
Captain Hoohaw
Boko Nincompoop
Signor Clownarelli
Bart’s Krusty doll says all the following phrases except:
Buy my cereal!
You’re my best friend!
Mmmm… do I smell pork products?
I didn’t do it!
Krusty had humble beginnings as a street mime in
Gary, Indiana
Duluth, Minnesota
Tupelo, Mississippi
Seattle, Washington
One of television’s best-loved bloopers is:
Krusty’s encounter with a urine monkey
Krusty’s make-out moves on special guest star Raquel Welch
Krusty’s accidental dropping
Krusty’s near-fatal heart attack
Krusty’s replacement host, Sideshow Bob, has plans for sweeping changes to the show, including learning about all of the following except:
career skills
“A volley of musketry flamed, thundered, roared! A profound silence followed, broken only by the approaching footsteps of the Third Brigade.” So ends Sideshow Bob’s reading of the 34th chapter of:
The Man In The Iron Mask
War and Peace
The Red Badge of Courage
Sideshow Bob asks Bart to join him on a new segment of his show exploring pre-adolescent turmoil. He calls it:
Of the following, which is not one of the clues that points towards Krusty’s innocence?
the Springfield Review of Books
his pacemaker
a menorah
his small feet
Sideshow Bob confesses to his own crimes, live from the set of his show, which is titled:
Sideshow Bob’s Festival of Reverie
Sideshow Bob’s Procession of Fancy
Sideshow Bob’s Carnival of Caprice
Sideshow Bob’s Cavalcade of Whimsy

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