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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Homer's Night Out
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According to the blackboard gag, Bart will not call his teacher:
hot cakes
sweet cheeks
Who is Homer Simpson’s poor sucker of an assistant (and future poor sucker of a supervisor)?
Eugene Fisk
Marvin Trundle
Willard Wilson
Farley Eckelman
Eugene Fisk didn’t know the punch was spiked and made an ass of himself putting the moves on a new girl who works in:
fuel management
valve maintenance
waste disposal
document control
Bart’s comic book contains advertisements for all of the following except:
a real nuclear submarine
X-Ray TV glasses
a real Texas ranch
Six months later, Homer’s supervisor Eugene Fisk is marrying some girl in valve maintenance, and Homer’s attending a little get-together with the guys from work. Marge suspects this is a stag party, but Homer assures her it will be:
a dignified swa-ree, with horse doovers and stuff
a scones and cucumber sandwiches affair
a fancy reception, with scones and fingerbowls
a tea and crumpets thing
Bart finally gets his spy camera, and takes photos of all the following except:
Marge shaving her armpits
Santa’s Little Helper in the Flanders’ yard
Homer doing toe-touches
squirrel roadkill
At the Rusty Barnacle, Bart makes the following anagram:
sea scallops / ass collapse
jumbo king prawns / rump wanking jobs
lobster tails / otters balls!
cod platter / cold pet rat
At the Rusty Barnacle, Bart orders:
the crab platter, extra pincers
the oyster platter, extra vodka
the squid platter, extra tentacles
the live octopus platter, extra vigorous
The boys are giving Eugene one last taste of bachelor freedom – the Queen of the Mysterious East:
Princess Sultana
Princess Kashmir
Princess Morocco
Princess Jasmine
Bart takes a picture of Homer dancing with Princess Kashmir. Milhouse asks for a print, and swears not to let another living soul get a copy on all of the following oaths except:
stick a needle in his eye
jam a dagger in his thigh
kiss the girls until he cries
eat a horse manure pie
The photo of Homer gets spread around. What is written on the copy that Marge sees?
Save the whales!
Look who’s eating for two!
This is why you should be in aerobics class!
Watch out! Bathing suit season is coming!
Apu thinks he has seen Homer before, but Homer believes Apu has him confused with:
Fred Flintstone
Ralph Kramden
Norm Peterson
Dan Conner
Marge insists Homer take Bart to meet this exotic belly-person and see that she's a real human being with real thoughts and real feelings. Homer takes Bart to all of the following except:
Foxy Boxing
Florence of Arabia
the Sapphire Lounge
Mud City
Of the following, what is not true about Princess Kashmir?
her real name is Shauna Tifton
her vital statistics are 38-24-36
her pet peeve is rude people
her turn-ons include silk sheets and warm fireplaces
Only sick people:
would interrupt a swinging vaudeville act
want to see Bart’s parents kiss
would be such love machines
would think that way about their mothers

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