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How Well Do You Know: Nikita, Season 1 Part 2
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1. "Free": Where was the tracking chip implanted into Alex?
In the back of her neck
In her hip
In her shoulder
In her calf
2. "Free": In a flashback, Percy demonstrates the effectiveness of Division's new "kill chip" on a:
US Senator
Libyan terrorist
North Korean cabinet member
Sudanese rebel leader
3. "Free": Ryan Fletcher interrogates the captured Birkhoff about his connection to a hacker called:
Wolf King
Night Storm
4. "Coup de Grace": The episode concerned Division attempting to assassinate the prince of Georgia. The assassination was meant to implicate:
A general
The president
The king
Foreign terrorists
5. "Coup de Grace": Nikita's attempt to rescue the prince was complicated by his wanting to save someone named Leela, who was:
His wife
His fiance
An orphan girl
His wife' aide
6. "Coup de Grace": In order to buy time and warn Nikita, what injury did Alex inflict on Leela?
Broke her finger
Stabbed her leg
Broke her nose
Tased her
7. "The Next Seduction": In her attempt to prevent a dirty bomb from entering the US, Nikita resumes which identity she used from her previous experience with Voss, the man who has the bomb?
8. "The Next Seduction": As Division, Nikita and Fletcher and Gogol all vie for the dirty bomb, the episode culminates in a shootout:
In a train station
In an airplane hangar
In an abandoned warehouse
On a waterfront dock
9. "Alexandra": Alex is captured when she ran into someone at her past when she at a nightclub, where she was sent by Division to meet a:
US Senator
Professional athlete
British diplomat
Tech billionaire
10. "Alexandra": What possession of Alex's father's played a key role in the episode?
A watch
A knife
A spyglass
A whiskey flask
11. "Alexandra": Who kills Vlad, the man who kidnapped Alex?
Irina, another of Vlad's girls
12. "Echoes": In the episode, we learn about a man named Whitfield, who was involved in an op Nikita was involved in. Whitfield was a/n:
13. "Echoes": In the episode, Alex keeps seeing an ominous red symbol. What does the symbol look like?
Three interjoined triangles
A crescent moon
Two half circles
A spiral in a square
14. "Covenant": Meeting with Ari Tasarov, Nikita discusses with him a plan involving his connections with which organization?
Shining Path
al Qaeda
Black Hand
15. "Covenant": Nikita singlehandedly hijacked one of Kasim's convoys. What was the convoy transporting?
16. "Covenant": Nikita abducts Kasim after he meets with Ari in a theater. What was happening in the theater during the meeting?
An opera performance
Janitors swept the isles
A silent film played
A ballet company practiced
17. "Into the Dark": Owen and Nikita travel to which world capital to retrieve a black box?
18. "Into the Dark": The collection of drugs that Owen takes is called the:
19. "Into the Dark": What is the name of the device to which Amanda and Birkhoff subject Alex so they can figure out whether or not she tells the truth?
20. "Girl's Best Friend": The beginning of the episodes is a dream in which Alex is killed after revealing her secrets to Nathan. In the dream, who kills Alex?
21. "Girl's Best Friend": On a mission with Jaden, ____________ was key to Alex accessing a biochem lab she was to destroy.
A handkerchief
A bracelet
A wallet
22. "Girl's Best Friend": The nerve toxin produced in the lab was shaped in the form of:
A pen
Ice cubes
23. "Glass Houses": In this episode, the black box and the former guardian guarding it were located in this unusual location:
Somerset, Wisconsin
Rio Blanco, Texas
Sunset , Colorado
Plainview, Pennsylvania
24. "Glass Houses": Michael learns that code name of Percy's move against the government is the name of:
A mythological creature
A breed of horse
A small bird
A savage jungle creature
25. "Glass Houses": Amanda learns that Alex has been working with Nikita because of a device implanted in:
A watch
An ear
A neck
A wall
26. "Betrayals": Aside from Birkhoff, the last person who could decrypt the black boxes was a man named Malcolm who worked for:
Homeland Security
27. "Betrayals": The name of the operation under which Alex's family was killed was:
Rapid Fire
Pale Fire
Inside Fire
Brush Fire
28. "Betrayals": When Michael had Percy at gunpoint, Percy says that if his heart stops:
A hit will be ordered on Nikita
Alex's kill chip will be activated
A signal is sent to the guardians to upload the boxes
Division and everyone in it will be destroyed
29. "Betrayals": The black box carried into the CIA contained:
Nerve toxin
A recording device and transmitter
A miniature detonator
An electromagnetic pulse emitter
30. "Betrayals": What images was briefly displayed after the file to release the toxin was accessed?
A rocket
Amanda's face
The red interlocking circles
An eagle

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