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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Puerto Rican Day
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1. Kramer claims that Bob Sacamano came up with which integral part of an otherwise pointless pastime?
The rubber band for the ball-and-paddle
The hose for a Shop-Vac
The rubber duck for bathtubs
The roller skate skate key
2. On their way back from a Mets game and before they get stuck in the parade, Jerry gets into it with a man who will be his rival through the episode. What is the man driving?
White Caddie
Midnight blue mustang
Maroon Golf
Gold Pinto
3. "I've been trying to leave this group for 10 years!" Who is the first one to get out of the car when it is stuck in traffic?
4. George gets out to get into a screening of a movie about the Hindenburg. What is the movie called?
Terrible Dirigible
Lead Zeppelin
5. Someone (not George) in the movie distracts/entertains the audience with:
A whoopie cushion
A laser pointer
A remote control blimp
Funny comments
6. Elaine, to the cab driver: "I went to Tufts. That was my safety school! _____________"
So you can kiss my well-pedigreed ass
So I think I know whether to turn left or right on
So even with lowly beginnings, you too can one day realize your dreams
So don't talk to me about hardships....
7. George doesn't want to get hit in the eye with the laser pointer, because then he'd be blind and would have to:
Imagine his baldness progressing
Be courageous
Move back in with his parents
8. Through the episode, Jerry hears snippets of a Mets game on the radio. Why is the game significant?
They're retiring Keith Hernandez's number
Jerry and the gang left the game early when the Mets were getting blown out
Jerry's friend is playing shortstop
Elaine's nephew is the ballboy
9. Elaine guides people trapped by the parade to apparent freedom:
By going under bleachers
Through an alleyway
Through the sewers
By disguising themselves as Puerto Ricans
10. Kramer, Jerry and George gain valuable bathroom and TV time by visiting ____________ as Pennypacker, Varnsen and Vandelay:
A doctor's office
An apartment for sale
The movie theater lobby
A coffee shop
11. Kramer angers some tough parade attendants when he accidentally:
Set off fireworks
Burns a Puerto Rican flag
Kisses Miss Puerto Rico
Punches Maroon Golf
12. The last we see of Jerry's black Saab, it is:
On fire
Being towed to the police impound lot
Crammed down an apartment building stair well
Sinking in the East River

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