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How Well Do You Know: Stranger Than Fiction
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1. Harold Crick is disturbed to find that:
he is getting bored with his job
he is hearing narration of his daily events in his head
his girlfriend is unhappy in their relationship
his apartment has burned to the ground
2. Harold works as a(n):
auditor for the IRS
assistant to a government official
divorce lawyer
traffic cop
3. Harold first meets Ana Pascal when auditing her at the ________ she owns.
convenience store
4. Harold's entire life was full of routine, with everything he did planned to the exact minute. That all changed when:
he decided to take a taxi to work rather than the bus
his alarm clock stopped working
his wristwatch went haywire and then stopped
his computer crashed
5. Harold speaks to a psychiatrist about the voice in his head. After he refuses to believe he's suffering from schizophrenia, she refers him to:
another psychiatrist
a literary professor
a life planner
a relaxation therapist
6. Harold sees Ana again, this time while riding home on the bus. She softens a bit after Harold:
apologizes for ogling her
compliments her on her interesting tattoos
says he will no longer be auditing her
tells her how lonely he is
7. In order to eliminate some of the stories Harold's life might be imitating, literary professor Jules Hilbert asks him a series of questions. Which is not one of the questions?
Are you the king of anything?
Do you find yourself inclined to solve murder mysteries in large, luxurious homes to which you may or may not have been invited?
Do you have magical powers?
Are you competing with someone else for the affections of another?
8. Author Karen Eiffel is continuing to have a problem - she can't seem to figure out a way to kill the main character in her latest story. She feels the best way to figure out a manner of death is to:
visit funeral homes
follow ambulances to the hospital to see how the patients were injured
read obituaries and crime reports on a daily basis
imagine various ways for herself to die
9. What does Karen's assistant Penny Escher give to Karen after she discusses various ways to die?
the number of a suicide hotline
a hot coffee
a hug
literature on the nicotine patch
10. Harold tells Jules that one of his life's ambitions is to:
find a nice woman to spend his life with
be the president of the United States
learn to play the guitar
become the kind of man his own father never was
11. After arriving to audit Ana, Harold makes notations in a notebook he's carrying around. Harold is trying to figure out whether he:
loves Ana or despises her
is living in a comedy or a drama
is going to live past that day or die that day
is going to be successful in this particular audit
12. After a long day auditing Ana, she forces Harold to sit down and:
eat a cookie she baked for him
tell her what she owes the IRS
say something nice about her
admit why being an auditor is something he enjoys
13. Harold inadvertently insults Ana by:
saying she's not the prettiest woman he's ever audited
saying he's bored while sitting there talking to her
offering to purchase the rest of the cookies rather than accepting them as a gift
telling her he preferred store-bought cookies to the homemade ones he had just eaten
14. Jules tells Harold to stay at home the next day and do absolutely nothing, as this will be important to see whether the plot will move forward anyway, continuing without him. What happens while Harold is sitting at home?
his watch finally dies
Ana comes to visit
a crane breaks through the outside wall of the apartment
lightning hits his apartment building
15. Harold asks his coworker (and temporary roommate) Dave what he would want to do if he found out he was going to die soon. Dave's response?
go to space camp
gamble all his money away in Las Vegas
see Meat Loaf in concert
give his money and goods away to the less fortunate
16. Harold decides to live his life to the fullest as well, and starts off by:
learning to bake cookies
going skydiving
buying a guitar
taking a cooking class
17. Ana leaves the bakery after closing one night to find Harold waiting for her with a gift. What does he have for her?
a bouquet of roses
a homemade cake
different varieties of flour
a necklace
18. After a wonderful night with Ana, Harold shows up to Jules's office and tells him that he must be living in a comedy, as all has gone well with Ana. What does he discover that quickly makes him change his mind, though?
Jules has written out an early obituary for Howard, "just in case"
he reads a newspaper article on Karen Eiffel
he finds a letter from Ana, telling him she made a mistake spending the night with him
he sees a TV interview with Karen Eiffel and identifies her as the narrator
19. Karen Eiffel is known as a recluse, but Harold manages to get in touch with her
He calls the TV station that ran the interview and gets her contact info from them
He accesses her IRS file
He sees her exiting a taxicab and follows her home
He calls every "Karen Eiffel" in the phone book until he finds her
20. After finding out that Karen has a rough draft of the book - including his death scene - finished, Harold asks to read the draft. Who does he allow to read it first, though?
Jules Hilbert
Karen's assistant Penny
coworker Dave
21. Harold meets up with Karen after reading the draft of the book, telling her:
he does not want to die
the book was beautifully written and she should finish it the way she wants to
he is afraid of how she is going to kill him/how he is going to die
he is saddened that he won't get a life of happiness with Ana
22. The night before his death, Harold and Ana have a conversation in bed where he tells her he adores her. He follows it up by:
proposing to her
telling her he can't be with her any more
telling her the story of Karen Eiffel, and how this is the last day he will be alive
giving her tax advice
23. Harold is hit by the bus he has been waiting to catch after:
stepping in front of it to save a boy whose bike veers into the path of the bus
running in its path, trying to catch it but running late
deciding to "end it all" himself rather than let Karen be the decider of his fate
his lunchbag breaks and he tries to gather up all of the items from the street
24. Harold is surprised to find himself very much alive (and severely injured) in a local hospital. The doctor tells him he was saved in part by:
his briefcase
his watch
the Karen Eiffel book he had been carrying in his suit pocket
his shoes
25. As Harold is laying in the hospital recuperating, Dave opens an envelope from Harold. What is inside?
Harold's last will and testament, which he thought would be needed at the time
an enrollment package from space camp
Harold's current year tax return
a receipt for a wristwatch he has purchased for Dave

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