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How Well Do You Know: Philadelphia
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1. The movie begins with the song titled Streets of Philadelphia. What famous artist sings the song?
Neil Young
Bruce Springsteen
Phil Collins
2. Andrew Beckett goes up against Joe Miller in case which Andrew wins. What fancy term does Andy use, to the surprise of Joe, to win the lawsuit?
3. When Andy's bosses ask him about the lesion on his face, Andy lies and tells him:
He ran into a door
Hit in the head with a racquetball
He fell in the shower
Boxes fell on top of him
4. Joe Miller isn't the first lawyer Andy went to see about his lawsuit. How many lawyers did Andy see before coming to Joe?
5. Worried about the transmission of AIDS, Joe goes sees his doctor. Joe is he afraid that _________ might now have AIDS on it.
His hand
His chair
His face
His shirt
6. Joe didn't know he knew so many homosexuals. Who in his wife's family is he surprised to find out is gay?
Her brother
Her uncle
Her aunt
Her sister
7. Where does Joe witness discrimination against Andy, prompting Joe to decide to take the case?
The grocery store
The library
A drug store
A restaurant
8. When Charles Wheeler is served a summons at a basketball game, he's chatting with what former NBA star?
Larry Bird
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Dr. J
Magic Johnson
9. Besides accusing Andy of losing the files, what other reason did they give him for firing him?
His inconsistency
He's lazy
His disrespect for his colleagues
His bad attitude
10. When Joe asked other clients how was Andy as a lawyer, they reply he was just _____.
11. Miller gets a women from the same law firm as Andy claim that she was harassed because she was too ethnic. What was she wearing that was too "non-American"?
Her hair-do
Her earrings
Her clothes
Her fingernails
12. Miller is offended when a ______ tries to "pick him up", believing he was also gay.
Police officer
Cab driver
Football player
13. Which actor played Andy's life-partner?
Matthew McConaughey
Benicio del Toro
Antonio Banderas
Marc Anthony
14. What is the name of the big case Andy was given and fired for?
15. Throughout the entire film, Joe Miller is recognized by people as the ______?
That greasy lawyer
The TV guy
That schmuck that does commercials
The billboard man
16. Andy decides to throw a costume party. What do Miguel and Andy both dress up as?
Police officers
Naval officers
17. Miller explains to Andy that people are taught to fear homosexuals. What inaccurate fact about homosexuals doesn't Miller mention?
They're afraid to fight
They're a danger to little kids
They try to recruit others to be gay
They dress up like their moms
18. Andy teaches Miller about what type of music?
Show tunes
19. Where was Andy when he become infected with AIDS?
A movie
An adult store
A bath house
A night club
20. To prove his point about the seriousness of Andy's condition, Miller has Andy show the jury lesions on his ____.
21. In the jury room the foreman thinks the law firm is full of crap. What does he compare Andy to?
A warrior
A race horse
A fighter pilot
A solider
22. How much does the jury award Andy in punitive damages?
$4 milllion
$3 milllion
$5 milllion
$2 million
23. When Miller is saying goodbye to Andy for the last time, he is no longer afraid of catching anything. Where does he touch Andy to prove this?
His hand
His face
Top of his head
His shoulder
24. What are Andy's final words to Miguel?
Today was a good day
See ya
It's time
I'm ready
25. Tom Hanks won the Best Actor Oscar for Philadelphia. What else did the film win for?
Best makeup
Best song
Best director
Best screenplay

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