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How Well Do You Know: Rushmore
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1. For the purposes of our film, what exactly is Rushmore?
A pair of luxury high-rise buildings.
A sought after woman.
A private boys school.
A national landmark. Duh.
2. What is Dirk Calloway's relationship to Max Fischer?
Chapel Partner
Geometry Teacher
Bullying Target
3. What is NOT one of the clubs Max Fisher is involved in?
Debate Team Captain
Bombardment Society Founder
Underwater Basket Weaving Founder
Beekeepers President
4. What time span does our film take place?
September - January
December - May
June - August
The Entire 1997 - 1998 School Year
5. What event starts pretty much the entire plot of the film into motion?
Dirk is attacked by Donny and Ronny Blume.
Margret Yang becomes the first girl admitted to Rushmore.
Max finds someone has scribbled a quote in a library book.
Max's scholarship is threatened by Mr. Blume.
6. Under what circumstances does Max introduce himself to Miss Cross?
They're on the bleachers and discuss Latin being cancelled at Rushmore.
Max visits her classroom and confronts her about the book.
They're introduced by Mr. Blume at a luncheon.
Miss Cross tutors Max in Geometry.
7. When Mr Blume asks, what does Max say his father does for a living?
A international reporter in Afghanistan
A day trader on Wall Street
A professor at Oxford
A neurosurgeon at St. Joseph's
8. Let's ramp up the difficulty considerably here. Wes Anderson's films are also known for their soundtracks. What song/artist is featured when Bill Murray's character tosses golf balls into a swimming pool, climbs up the ladder to the diving board, finishes his drink and smoke, does a cannonball sinking to the bottom... and remains there for a good long minute?
Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard by Paul Simon
Nothin' In This World Can Stop Me Worryin' 'Bout That Girl by The Kinks
I Am Waiting by The Rolling Stones
Woo Hah!! (Got You All In Check) by Busta Rhymes
9. Why does Max initially go to see Mr. Blume?
He is doing research on the Vietnam War for a new play.
He's hoping Mr. Blume can get him off "sudden death academic probation."
He's wants to go to Donny and Ronny's birthday party.
He wants to build an aquarium at Rushmore and needs money.
10. What is unusual about Dirk during the play Serpico?
He skips a line, Max yells at him for it, and Dirk throws a punch.
He gets to kiss Miss Cross.
He is wielding an active flame thrower on stage.
He is dressed as a nun.
11. What is NOT one of the derogatory ways Max refers to Luke Wilson's character, Dr. Peter Flynn, who is wearing OR Scrubs at his dinner party. (Oh, are they?)
"This young gentleman"
"Some Punk"
12. Sorry to get all sordid on you here, but what is the immature sexual term of choice for the film considering just how many times it's said by the characters?
Hand job
Felt up her tits
13. Who is it that first realizes that Mr. Blume and Miss Cross are becoming involved and confronts the man?
Dr. Guggenheim
14. Which of Max's extra curricular activities becomes vital in the war he wages against Mr. Bloom?
Archery Club President
Beekeeper's President
Rushmore Yankee's Yearbook Club
Kite Flier's Society
15. During November, Max drops out of school and settles being a barber just like his old man. Who is the one who helps begin the process of pulling him out of his deep depression of losing his Rushmore.
Miss Cross
Dr. Guggenheim
16. When does Max finally get to kiss Miss Cross?
During a stunt in which he claims he was hit by a car in the rain.
At the hospital in the elevator when they're visiting Dr. Guggenheim.
Following a hit play he produces at the public school.
It's a trick question. Max never gets to kiss Miss Cross.
17. When Max invites Mr. Blume to meet his father, what gift does he present?
The typewriter his mother gave him.
One of his award pins from Rushmore.
A Rushmore embossed Swiss Army Knife.
A tree to fall, crushing him.
18. What is the name of the hit play Max produces at his new public school?
War not Peace
Up is Down
Winter before Spring
Heaven and Hell
19. Who does Max dedicate his play to at the end of the film?
His mother and Dirk
His father and Mr. Blume
His mother and Edward Applebee
His father and Miss Cross
20. Without going over, what amount is closest to the total domestic box office Rushmore brought in?
2 million.
11 million.
17 million.
24 million.

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