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How Well Do You Know: Independence Day
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1. The film begins on which day?
July 1
July 2
July 3
July 4
2. Behind which celestial body does the alien mother ship hide?
The sun
The moon
3. Bill Paxton Pullman portrays the President. What is the President's last name?
4. Russell (Randy Quaid) has what occupation?
Crop duster
Carpet installer
Pest exterminator
Computer programmer
5. What playwright played the assistant to Jeff Goldblum's David?
David Mamet
Harvey Fierstein
Aaron Sorkin
Mel Brooks
6. A precursor to the arrival of the alien ships was static on communication frequencies. David determined what about the static?
They were caused by the aliens destroying satellites
The static was a signal the aliens used to coordinate their attack
The static carried instructions from the aliens on how to build a transportation system
The signal carried specifications for HDTV
7. Steve's (Will Smith) ladyfriend Jasmine (Vivica A. Fox) is a dancer. At what type of dance is she proficient?
8. The First Lady was not at the President's side when the alien ships arrived. In which state was she?
9. What connection do David and the President share?
They both played on the same high school football team
David's ex-wife is the President's advisor
They were college roommates
They were in the Air Force together
10. A light-flashing helicopter tried to communicate with the alien ships before the main attack commenced. What was the code name for this ill-fated, ill-conceived operation?
Avon Calling
Welcome Wagon
Neighborhood Watch
Last Ditch
11. Which was not a major US city that was shown incurring destruction in the first series of attacks?
Los Angeles
New York
Washington, DC
12. "Let's kick the tires and:"
Shake the wires
Sing with the choirs
Light the fires
Wake the squires
13. What unorthodox method does Steve use to down the pursuing alien fighter?
He sends a flock of birds into the alien ship's engine
He executes "the dreaded Rear Admiral" on the alien ship
He blinds the alien ship with his parachute
He puts sugar into the alien ship's fuel tank
14. Who tells the President that Area 51 does in fact exist?
The Secretary of Defense (James Rebhorn)
The General (Robert Loggia)
His wife
15. Which Star Trek television veteran plays a scientist at Area 51?
Leonard Nimoy
Brent Spiner
Patrick Stewart
Jeri Ryan
16. How many alien bodies were in tanks at Area 51?
17. After Steve delivers the alien, the General gives him what disheartening news?
His base had been destroyed
His mother was dead
Jasmine was dead
He had been impregnated with an alien spore
18. The President receives a telepathic vision from the alien. What insect does he compare the aliens to?
Fire ants
19. What nickname does the President and First Lady have for their daughter?
20. David figures out that the aliens can be defeated by employing which form of sabotage?
A virus
A denial-of-service attack
A variant of the Nigerian email scam
21. Before departing for his mission to the mother ship, Steve marries Jasmine in a quick ceremony. What animal is on the ring he gives her?
22. Before the final attack, the President gives the film's Big Stirring Speech. Which is not a line from his address?
We will not go quietly into the night
We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore
We will live on to fight another day
You will once again be fighting for our freedom
23. Before taking off for the mother ship, Steve realizes that he almost forgot to bring:
His nuclear weapon
A prayer book
24. Russell's plane had the final nuke. The President, calling for other planes to provide him cover, cried, "Gentlemen....."
Let's show them how we do things downtown
Do the litmus configuration
Let's plow the road
This one's for Harry Connick, Jr.
25. What was the final line of the film which a major character delivered?
I have a feeling they'll be back
That's why I'm the President
I need a sandwich
Didn't I promise you fireworks?

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