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How Well Do You Know: High Fidelity
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1. What is the name of Rob's music store?
Championship Vinyl
Top 5 Records
Vintage Vinyl
2. What is the first song on Barry's tape that he made specially for Monday morning?
"Baby I Love Your Way" by Peter Frampton
"Beat It" by Michael Jackson
"Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves
"We are the Champions" by Queen
3. Which of these was not mentioned for the list of the Top 5 Songs About Death?
"Dead Man's Curve"
"Last Kiss"
"Leader of the Pack"
"Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald"
4. Which former girlfriend is originally on Rob's list of his Top 5 Most Memorable Breakups, but is later removed in favor of Laura?
Alison Ashmore
Jackie Alden
Penny Hardwick
Sarah Kendrew
5. What is the name of Vincent and Justin's band?
I Sold My Mom's Wheelchair
Justin and Vincent
Sonic Death Monkey
The Kinky Wizards
6. What is Rob doing when Laura leaves him at the beginning of the film?
Listening on his head phones
Reorganizing his record collection
Smoking a cigarette
7. If Rob wants to hear the song "Landslide", what time period does he have to remember when he purchased it?
Winter 1978
Fall 1979
Fall 1983
Spring 1989
8. What movie did Rob and the movie critic see together?
Gods and Monsters
Look Who's Talking Now
The Cider House Rules
The Dreamlife of Angels
9. What is the percent chance that Laura says she and Rob have of getting back together?
10. What is the number one thing on Rob's list of the Top 5 things he likes about Laura?
Her smell
How she walks around
Sense of humor
The thing she does in bed when she can't get to sleep
11. What is the name of the club that Rob used to DJ at?
Club MatriX
Double Door
El Train
The Rainbow Club
12. For which band does Rob hope to sell five copies of their three EPs?
Echo and the Bunnymen
The Beta Band
The Jesus and Mary Chain
13. Who was not on Penny Hardwick's list of her Top 5 recording artists?
Carol King
Elton John
James Taylor
Paul Simon
14. Who is Anna Moss?
Dick's new girlfriend
Laura's friend
One of Rob's ex-girlfriends
The magazine reporter
15. What intersection is Rob's music store located at?
Dearborn St. & Pershing Rd.
Harrison St. & Canal St.
Milwaukee Av. & Honore St.
St. Paul Av. & Western Av.
16. Which theater was John Dillinger shot dead behind, in a halo of FBI gunfire?
17. Rob has film director on his list of Top 5 Dream Jobs; any kind except what?
Chick flicks or tearjearkers
French or New Wave
German or Silent
Muppets or Police Academy
18. What record is the one customer always interested in, but Barry refuses to sell him?
An original Frank Zappa
Beefheart's "Safe as Milk"
Bob Dylan's "Blonde on Blonde"
The new Belle & Sebastian
19. Which magazine does the reporter work for?
Rolling Stone
The Reader
20. Who sings the song that plays over the beginning of the end credits?
Art Garfunkel
Bruce Springsteen
Marvin Gaye
Stevie Wonder

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