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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Maid
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1. George: "What happened to your voice?"
Jerry: "I was screaming at hecklers last night. Last time I ever open for _______"
A rodeo
A clown convention
A PTA meeting
The Catholic Nuns of America convention
2. Two people get phone numbers with the new 646 area code in the episode - who?
Jerry and George
Cindy the maid and Kramer's girlfriend
Elaine and Cindy the maid
Elaine and Kramer's girlfriend
3. Kramer is upset - he doesn't know if he can handle long distance relationships, and his girlfriend is moving:
To Jersey
To the Bronx
To Scarsdale
4. What is Kramer having faxed to Elaine's apartment?
Lots and lots of menus
Lots and lots of movie reviews
Lots and lots of letters of recommendation
Lots and lots of loan applications
5. As George prepares for himself to be dubbed T-Bone at work, which Kruger Industrial Smoothing employee is instead bequeathed with the moniker?
6. "Foolin' around with your maid - that is a *wise* decision!" Who is the first to catch Jerry mackin' on Cindy the maid?
7. Jerry: "I pay her to come here and clean. The rest is...." How does Elaine finish his sentence?
What, an employee evaluation?
What, employee dental?
What, a health plan?
What, a strategy session?
8. At hearing the news that Jerry is sleeping with his maid, George says he's done the same thing, and asks if Jerry has:
Eaten an Ostrich burger
Made out with Marisa Tomei
Draped himself in velvet
Bought poison envelopes
9. Elaine casually considers murdering someone in this episode. Who?
Koko the monkey
A telephone company technician
Cindy the maid
A cable repairman
10. The gang gets stuck eating at the counter at Monks. Conversation gets all garbled, leading Kramer to think that this person has died:
Ted Danson
Bob Sacamano
11. George gets a baseball jersey from people at work. What number is on it?
12. "I must be at the nexus of the universe." Dumped by his girlfriend, Kramer gets stuck downtown. Jerry tries to establish his position using what landmark?
Ray's Pizza
The Russian Tea Room
Slick Willy's

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