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How Well Do You Know: Ghost
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I love Ghost! R.I.P. Patrick! I love you! Great quiz!xxxxx
Jessica 1/1/12 1:48 pm


1. Sam and Molly find a Indian head penny in their new apartment. Sam thinks it's good luck. What year is the good luck penny?
2. Sam has a premonition about his death when watching what horrific event on television?
A apartment fire
A subway derailment
An earthquake
A plane crash
3. Watch song was playing in the famous pottery making love scene?
I Only Have Eyes For You
Unchained Melody
Wonderful Tonight
When a Man Loves a Woman
4. When Sam is in the hospital he meets another ghost who gives him secret advice. What does the ghost tell Sam is not as bad as he might think?
5. Molly's going through Sam's stuff with Carl. What used object of Sam's does she not want to throw away?
His toothbrush
6. Sam and Molly's cat may have just saved Molly's life. What is that feline's name?
7. When Sam meets Oda Mae Brown, she's trying to reach a woman's dead husband. What was the man's name?
8. Sam sings a obnoxious song over and over to Oda Mae when she's trying to sleep. What was the song?
I'm Henry the Eighth I Am
99 Bottles of Beers on the Wall
This is the Song that Never Ends
The Cow Kicked Nelly
9. Sam has Oda Mae repeat several things to Molly to prove he's there. What memory from the past *doesn't* Oda Mae mention to Molly?
Their trip to Reno
A picture of them in Key Largo
Green underwear
A sweater she knit
10. Where does scary Willy Lopez live?
901 Kilbourn Street
807 Washington Park
303 Prospect Place
522 Cranston Point
11. Carl owes a lot of money to dangerous men. What does he owe money for?
Gambling debts
Loan sharks
Bad investments
12. How much money does Carl need for himself?
13. Carl goes over Molly's apartment and tries to make the moves on her. What does Sam knock over to interrupt them from making out?
A lamp
A cup of coffee
A picture
A vase
14. The psychotic ghost man in the subway tries to teach Sam how to move things. What object does Sam finally move on his own?
A shoe
A Mt. Dew pop can
A McDonald's hamburger box
A Pepsi bottle cap
15. The scary subway ghost desperately wants something more than anything in the world. What does he want just one of, just once more?
A woman
A drink
A cheese burger with everything
A cigarette
16. When Sam goes back to Oda Mae's shop, there's another woman trying to reach her dead husband. What is she trying to find from her husband Orlando?
His will
The insurance policy
The combination to his safe
Where he hid his money
17. What name does Sam want Oda Mae to use at the bank?
18. How much money does the bank give Oda Mae a check for?
$4 million
$2 million
$3 million
$5 million
19. What charity does Oda Mae give the check for?
The hungry
The homeless
20. Carl issues a threat to Sam: that if Sam doesn't return the money, Carl will do what to Molly?
Stab her
Shoot her
Burn down her apartment
Strangle her
21. Oda Mae is in her apartment watching _______ with her sisters when Willy and Carl come in after her.
American Gladiators
Love Connection
Arsenio Hall
22. What does Sam write on the steamed up bathroom mirror to terrify Willy?
23. Sam has Oda Mae remind Molly that she's wearing the shirt he spilled what on?
A margarita
A strawberry daiquiri
A Chocolate malt
24. Carl dies from being impaled. What is Carl impaled with?
Broken piece of wood
A pipe
A large hook
25. What are Molly's final words to Sam?
I love you
See ya
26. What Academy Awards did Ghost win?
Best Supporting Actress & Best Original Score
Best Actor & Best Supporting Actress
Best Original Screenplay & Best Supporting Actress
Best Film Editing & Best Supporting Actress

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