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How Well Do You Know: Red
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1. So what does RED stand for, anyway?
Redemption Exemplified by Danger
Redrafted Elderly Division
Retired, Extremely Dangerous
Risk Enforcement Distributors
2. Frank calls Sarah frequently, as she deals with:
Physical therapy
Pension checks
Insurance deductibles
Public utilities
3. Before their meeting, Frank and Sarah's relationship centers largely around:
An avocado seed and romance novels
Garden gnomes and dental floss
Jambalaya and the Weather Channel
TV Guide and hydroponics
4. Bad idea, boys, sneaking into Frank's house to assassinate him like that. Frank simulates gunfire by:
Crushing bullets under a refrigerator
Throwing bullets in a microwave
Dissolving bullets in a jug of vinegar
Cooking bullets in a stove-top skillets
5. Frank travels to this city to abduct meet Sarah:
St. Louis
Little Rock
6. We first meet Karl Urban's Agent Cooper as he dispatches a man in this fashion:
By hanging him
By shooting him
By drowning him
By electrocuting him
7. Joe is dying from:
A brain tumor
Liver cancer
8. Much of the mayhem in the movie followed the death of one Stephanie Chan, who was a/n:
International aid worker
Congressional aid
Law student
9. Stephanie's mother gives Sarah and Frank a postcard which has a string of numbers eventually illuminates the other victims of the conspiracy. The numbers in question are:
Call numbers for a book
A phone number
Longitude & latitude
Radio frequencies
10. What happened the last time that Frank and Marvin saw each other?
Frank tried to kill Marvin
A government was toppled
Marvin tried to kill Frank
The Berlin Wall fell
11. The entrance to Marvin's place is through:
A car hood
An overturned canoe
A telephone booth
A tree trunk
12. Marvin's condition is largely due to the fact that he was subjected to daily doses of this substance:
Agent Orange
"Vitamin X"
13. This country was the site of the operation years back which the source of everyone dying in the film:
14. Marvin is very suspicious of this particular vehicle - and he is right to be so, as an assassin shoots at Frank, Marvin etc from it:
A fire truck
A helicopter
A city bus
A hang glider
15. Frank breaks into the CIA dressed as:
An exterminator
A general
A fireman
A flower deliver person
16. "Bad move, grandpa!" Frank and Cooper go mano-a-mano in the office of the latter as a rocking song by this band plays:
The Rolling Stones
Guns n Roses
17. The guys decide to try to hide out at Victoria's, referring to it by this code word:
Landing Pad
Teacher's Lounge
Eagle's Nest
Home Base
18. Victoria cites these two daily activities as part of her new routine (aside from taking the occasional contract):
Baking and flower arranging
Antiquing and oil painting
Needlepoint and collecting Russian tea dolls
Ordering from QVC and winemaking
19. When the gang visits Alexander Dunning (Richard Dreyfuss), Joe is dressed in __________ garb:
Foreign military
20. Dunning identifies the man in this position as the one behind the string of assassinations:
Secretary of Defense
Vice President
Speaker of the House
Mayor of Washington, DC
21. Victoria reveals to Sarah that, under orders, she put three bullets into one of her lovers. Who does this turn out to be?
Alexander Dunning
Ivan Simanov
22. Frank places a call to Cooper warning him not to harm Sarah. Frank makes the call from:
The adjoining office
Cooper's home
The morgue
A shipyard
23. Ivan's nickname for Victoria is:
Spark plug
24. Which of the team isn't shot during the course of the film?
By way of explanation.....
Frank is shot in the CIA; Joe is shot and killed outside Dunning's house; Victoria is shot during the shootout in the garage in Chicago
25. The film ends with Marvin grousing: "I told you something was going to happpen...._______sucks!"

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