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How Well Do You Know: Parks and Recreation S03E02: The Flu
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1. The first request made by a buzzer-happy April in the episode is: "I want _________ "
A bucket of gummi bears
A pony
Somebody to read me a story
Another nurse
2. Last year, Leslie spent over $1,000 on what alone?
Allergy medicine
Car air fresheners
3. Leslie is on a conference call with some department staff people, who don't want to be in the same room with her. Who isn't present?
4. Chris's body is finely-tuned, like a _______:
Stealth fighter
5. Ron recruits Andy to fill in for April. According to Andy, what would be a deal-breaker?
If he can't bring Super Straw
If he has to bat his eyelashes and wear a bra
If he has to type more than 10 words a minute - or an hour
If he has to tuck in his shirt
6. Leslie maintains that she has allergies and not the flu, even though she has thrown up two:
Juice boxes
7. Andy has typed Leslie's symptoms in, and arrived at a diagnosis of:
Invalid URL
Blue screen of death
Network connectivity problems
Password rejected
8. A knife-wielding April loudly accuses Ann of trying to:
Over-hydrate her
Smother her with pillows
Gag her with sluttiness
Inject her with cooties
9. Ron is starving, so Andy decides to introduce him to a delicacy called:
The Meat Tornado
The Thunder Meal
The Knuckle Sandwich
The Linebacker
10. What's wrong with the tiny kangaroo that lives in your stomach pocket?
It only speaks Dutch
It's a racist
It's loyal to the Taliban
It will only let you watch reruns of Murphy Brown
11. Ron and Andy discuss political ideologies. Ron praises libertarianism, while Andy ("I can remember things!") conjures this term out of thin air:
Market anarchism
Religious oligarchy
Social conservatism
12. Chris: "I vomited....somewhere in this room." He thinks it might be in:
That drawer
One of those shoes
The pillowcase
The toilet two rooms down the hall
13. Tom has secured for the Harvest Festival the donation of:
An army of jugglers and acrobats
Hay - lots and lots of hay
1000 balloon animals
A fleet of vehicles
14. After her surprisingly lucid speech in front of the Chamber of Secrets Commerce, Leslie turns the proceedings back over to Ben, who she introduces as
Scott Bakula from Quantum Leap
Dave Coulier from Full House
Tom Selleck from Magnum, PI
Mark Harmon from NCIS
15. Leslie needed the participation of _______ local businesses for the Harvest Festival. Ben reports that ________ (and still counting!) have signed on.

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