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How Well Do You Know: The Town
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1. "There are over 300 bank robberies in Boston every year. Most of these professionals live in a 1-square-mile neighborhood called ________."
Hyde Park
2. The first masks we see Doug and his crew wear in the film resemble:
3. During the robbery, Claire notices that one of the crew has a tattoo on the back of his neck. This becomes important later in the film. It's a tattoo of a:
4. After the initial job, Doug and company reconvene here:
At a library
At a an abandoned drive-in theater
In a deserted school
At a skating rink
5. Doug mentions several times in the film that he'd like to escape to this state:
South Carolina
6. After the bank job, Doug first makes contact with Claire:
In a laundromat
In a library
At a neighborhood bar
In a book store
7. Doug and Jem set upon a couple of local toughs who had earlier harassed Claire. What did the nogoodniks do to Claire?
Threw bottles at her
Threatened her with a knife
Killed her dog
Vandalized her car
8. FBI Agent Frawley first start to track Doug and his crew through Dezzy's employment:
At a bank
At Fenway Park
At a security company
At an armored car company
9. Doug recounts to Claire that he had taken this unusual step when his mother when missing:
Appeared on the local news
Made missing person posters
Sent in her picture to a dairy for printing on milk cartons
Wrote a song about her
10. After Jem realizes that Doug is involved with Claire, Jem is eager to get to the next job. Doug hesitates, as he has a bad feeling about:
The security system
The amount of the take
The guards
Getting in deeper to Fergie the Florist
11. Doug visits his father Stephen in prison. What is the sign that Stephen has been in trouble lately?
He wears a red jumpsuit
He is in shackles
He sports fresh bruises
His hands are bandaged
12. The armored car job goes badly, when ________ shoots a guard when the guard has a gun to _______'s head:
Doug / Dezzy
Jem / Doug
Magloan / Jem
Dezzy / Doug
13. When Frawley and the FBI realize the armored car job has gone down, the unsuccessfully try this to apprehend the gang:
Spike a highway
Manipulate traffic lights
Set up a blockade
Close a bridge
14. When the FBI tries to shake down Doug's gang, who is the first to be arrested?
15. "Let me put it to you this way, I'm putting this whole #*%! town in my rear view." The film's signature line is delivered during a tense confrontation between Jem and Doug. The two men argue while standing in front of a:
Bus terminal
16. When Doug confronts Fergie the Florist about wanting out, Fergie menacingly works with this type of flower:
Easter lilies
17. Fergie reveals to Doug that this was his mother's fate:
She died in a rehab center
Doug's father killed her
Fergie killed her
She killed herself
18. Doug and Jem, having gained access to the sublevels of Fenway Park, announce themselves to the security guards as they call out:
You all got the cash?
Let's see some identification, fellas
Who called 911?
This is a robbery!
19. The crew plans to use this type of vehicle for their getaway from Fenway:
Armored car
Cement truck
Garbage truck
20. As the gang loads the cash into the getaway vehicle, Doug realizes that something's wrong, because:
Dezzy draws his gun
His cell won't work
It's too quiet
He sees squad car lights through the window
21. Which of the gang were killed inside Fenway?
  1. Magloan only
  2. Dezzy only
  3. Magloan and Dezzy
  4. Jem, Magloan and Dezzy
22. Jem's final words before being gunned down are:
Up yours
I'm never goin' back
Game over
I surrender
23. As the FBI listens in, Claire and Doug talk on the phone about him coming to meet her. At the last minute, she mentions this, thereby signaling to Doug that he should stay away:
Sunny days
Chicken soup
Rabbit's foot
Ferris wheel
24. After having been warned off by Claire, Doug makes his final getaway dressed as:
An airline pilot
A municipal bus driver
A cable repairman
A priest
25. Doug leaves a bag of money for Claire buried in a garden. In the bag, she also finds:
A photo
A piece of fruit
A rosary
A book of poetry

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