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How Well Do You Know: Parks and Recreation S03E01: Go Big or Go Home
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1. "We're back." Leslie spends the first few minutes of the episode rounding up her staff, who are engaged in the following various endeavors, except for:
Selling shoes
Tending bar
Splitting wood
By way of explanation.....
There was absolutely no way that Jerry's painting wasn't going to end up in the lake, was there?
2. "Under my tutelage, you will grow from boys into men; from men into _______; and from ________ into Swansons!"
The vanguard
3. Ron's demeanor and dress during his time with the youth basketball team recalled which noted former college basketball coach?
John Wooden
Bobby Knight
John Thompson
Mike Krzyzewski
4. Which was the first category Ron cited in his Pyramid of Greatness?
Property Rights
5. Tom doesn't know much about basketball, given that he tells the coaches that it's time for the opening:
Coin toss
7th Inning Stretch
Penalty shot
6. In their practice date with Ann as Chris and Leslie as Ann, Leslie (as Ann) is wearing a:
Wet t-shirt
String bikini
Tuxedo vest
Micro thong
7. Chris has never had a bad date....they've all been either "great" or "___________ great"
8. Ann learns that the secret to Chris's positivity is that he was born with this affliction, and was given three weeks to live:
A whole in his heart
A blood disorder
A re-sorbed twin inside of him
Underdeveloped lungs
9. Talking about his girlfriend Lucy, Tom thinks that this is the sexiest quality a woman can have:
She's Cuban
She's got tattoos
She's into him
She's way hotter than whoever Ron is dating at the moment (oh, yeah, that would by Wendy)
10. "Look, even Ben's dancing!" Do you remember the name of the song that's first playing as the date-plus-two-other-people moves to the club?
California Gurls
Hey Ya!
Tik Tok
11. "She got a boyfriend, I guess..from some city in Mexico." Where has April been?
Puerto Rico
12. "Although that's very good advice...I'm lookin' at you, Jerry..." Referring to a sign for the Pawnee Harvest Festival, Leslie mistakenly points to a sign that reads:
Report All Suspicious Activity to Law Enforcement
All Sex Predators Must Register with Authorities
Check Your Testicles for Lumps
Abstinence Is the Safest Sex of All
13. Leslie states that Pawnee has always been know for two things: the Harvest Festival and ___________:
Above-average illiteracy
Widespread obesity
Contagious emphysema
14. What was Eduardo's advice to Andy, believing the he wanted to become a woman?
Proceed, but with caution
Full speed ahead
Follow your dream
Get on that, already

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