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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The English Patient
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1. George gets mistaken for a man who he apparently looks like by a beautiful woman. What's the mystery man's name?
2. Kramer gets Jerry a bunch of T-shirts for his trip to Florida to hep his parents move. His dad takes a liking to one of them. What's it say?
#1 Dad
World's Greatest Dad
More Than Mom
The Father
3. While in Florida, Jerry suspects Kramer is cooking in his (Jerry's) apartment without a shirt on. That's because Jerry asks him _____ and Kramer doesn't have an answer for him.
What fabric his shirt is made of
Whether he's wearing a polo or a long sleeve
How many layers he's wearing
What color his shirt is
4. Finish Elaine's line about The English Patient: "Those sex scenes. Please, _____!
Spare me
Anybody could outdo them
Give me something I can use
It's impossible to do it in a bathtub
5. Kramer requests that Jerry pick up a couple Cubans (the people, not the cigar). We come to find out that the three men he brings back are _____.
Puerto Rican
6. Elaine ends up seeing The English Patient again. Why?
She didn't realize Willem Dafoe was in it
She lies and tells her boss she hasn't seen it yet
Her boyfriend tricked her into seeing it again
She has a "free popcorn" coupon that'll expire if she doesn't use it
7. At one point, the episode cuts to a scene of Peterman blubbering in the theater during The English Patient. What does he then say?
"...And I thought I had it tough"
"This is just so wonderfully beautiful"
"This is a masterpiece"
"...And I thought I knew what love was"
8. In Florida, Jerry gets in hot water when an older gentleman challenges Jerry to a lifting competition -- and injures his back in the process. In the end, how many people (including the first guy) end up in the hospital from that family?
9. Kramer puts his Dominicans to work when they're needed at a crepe restaurant. Calamity strikes, though, when _____.
They roll the crepes too tight
They use the wrong ingredients
They don't know how to make them
They are accused of being professional cigar rollers, too
10. The episode aired just 11 days before The Oscars. The English Patient was up for 12 awards. How many did it win?

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