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How Well Do You Know: Toy Story
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on question 6 wasnt it a lunch box? not crayons!
toystoryforever 1/13/13 12:37 pm


1. The stars of this movie are toys, but what's the name of the kid who owns the toys?
2. In the beginning of the movie, Andy is playing make believe. Which toy is in the role of "One-Eyed Bart"?
Rex the dinosaur
Hamm the piggy bank
Slinky Dog
Mr. Potato Head
3. What initial news announcement sends the toys into a panic?
Andy's birthday party is a week early
Moving day is a week early
The mean neighbor kid is coming
They can't find Wheezy
4. Who provides the voice for Hamm?
Wallace Shawn
John Ratzenberger
Don Rickles
Jim Varney
5. Mr. Potato Head doesn't like being handled by Andy's sister, complaining that his box says he's a toy for "Ages ___ and up!"
6. During the tally of birthday gifts, which one prompts Mr. Potato Head to wonder, "Who invited that kid??"
A hula hoop
Bed sheets
A video of Pocahontas
7. Buzz Lightyear is set in Woody's spot. Where is that?
The bed
The windowsill
The dresser
The bookshelf
8. Who is Buzz Lightyear's enemy?
Emperor Xur
Emperor Ming
Emperor Baltar
Emperor Zurg
9. Buzz makes a claim that Woody disputes. What is it?
He can turn invisible
He can fly
He can breathe oxygen
He can freeze time
10. "Look, I'm Woody! Howdy Howdy Howdy!" Who's wearing Woody's hat?
Lenny the Binoculars
Bo Peep
11. When we first see Sid, which toy is he about to destroy?
GI Joe
The Million Dollar Man's Boss
Combat Carl
12. Woody makes fun of Buzz's name, calling him Light Beer and:
Light Brain
Light Brite
Light Snack
Light Loafers
13. What's the name of Sid's toy-mangling dog?
14. What action causes the toys to turn on Woody?
He sabotages the plans for the move
He's acting like he's the boss
He's been all talk but no action
He knocks Buzz out the window
15. How do Woody and Buzz end up leaving Pizza Planet?
With Sid
With Andy
By delivery truck
Nobody gets out of Pizza Planet alive.
16. Both Andy and Sid have sisters. What's Sid's sister's name?
17. Which one of these phrases is not one of Woody's pullstring recordings?
This town aint big enough for the two of us.
I have a snake in my boots.
You're about to spend a night in the pokey.
Somebody's poisoned the water hole.
18. Buzz's usually gung-ho attitude takes a nose dive for woe-is-me territory because:
He sees a Buzz Lightyear commercial
He sees that his spaceship is unrepairable
He loses an arm
He realizes that Andy doesn't want him anymore
19. Woody lists some reasons why anyone would want to have Buzz Lightyear. Which one isn't listed?
You talk
You've got wings
You glow in the dark
You've got a working laser
20. Woody finds Buzz dressed up for a tea party going by the name:
Mrs. Potato Head
Mrs. Robinson
Mrs. Nesbitt
Mrs. Kensington
21. What's the name of the firework that Sid has ordered and ties to Buzz's back?
The Big One
The Destroyer
The X-Bolt 5000
The Annhiliator
22. Woody comes up with a plan to save Buzz. What toy distracts Scud so Woody can escape Sid's bedroom?
A remote controlled helicopter
Pinhead erector-set spider
Sally the doll
A wind-up frog
23. The remote control car runs out of battery power. How do they manage to get caught up to the moving van?
Woody uses Buzz's helmet to ignite the rocket.
Buzz uses his laser to ignite the rocket.
Woody grabs on to a passing car.
Slinky extends himself and pulls the group in.
24. The movie ends at Christmas, with Andy getting the following present:
A chemistry set
A bike
A kite
A puppy
25. Toy Story earned a Special Achievement Oscar "For the development and inspired application of techniques that have made possible the first feature-length computer-animated film." Who was the recipient?
Brad Bird
John Lasseter
Gary Trousdale
Ron Clements

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