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How Well Do You Know: The Social Network
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1. While breaking up with him, Mark Zuckerberg's soon-to-be-ex- girlfriend Erica tells him that dating him is like dating:
a dictionary
a Jeopardy episode
a Stairmaster
a wet washcloth
2. Erica, to Mark: "You are probably going to be a very successful computer person. But you're going to go through life thinking that girls don't like you because you're ______. And I want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, that that won't be true. It'll be because you're ______.
ugly / a disgusting human being
a recluse / conceited
so smart / too smart for your own good
a nerd / an a*$hole
3. What is Mark's LiveJournal screen name?
4. Angered by the breakup with Erica, Mark creates a site where:
men can log on and complain about their ex-girlfriends
people can vote on which of any 2 girls from college shown are "hotter"
only Erica can sign on and beg for forgiveness
Erica's whereabouts will be tracked so Mark can "accidentally" run into her
5. Mark tells a lawyer that he was approached at Alpha Epsilon Pi about putting together "The Facebook" during:
Under the Sea Dance
Caribbean Night
a Toga Party
Pledge Week
6. Who does Mark ask for $1000 to cover Facebook's start-up fees?
friend Eduardo Severin
the Winklevoss twins
ex-girlfriend Erica Albright
roommate Dustin Moskovitz
7. Mark has been accused by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss of creating The Facebook during a time he was supposed to be using to create ___________ for them.
a school-wide chat room
a music-sharing site
a fake movie stock exchange site
a dating website
8. The Winklevoss's business partner Divya discovers The Facebook while:
at a club
in chemistry class
listening to an a capella performance
sitting in his dorm
9. Eduardo realizes that the site is becoming bigger by the day when a girl tells him to "Facebook her" while listening to a speaker in an auditorium. Who is the speaker?
Bill Gates
Sean Parker
Steve Wozniak
Steve Jobs
10. Mark tells Eduardo that The Facebook will never be "finished", comparing it to:
the auto industry
11. Who does Mark confront while out at a club with Eduardo and their 2 new Facebook friends Alice and Christy?
Cameron and Tyler
12. After Erica puts him in his place at the club regarding his earlier rude comments he posted online, Mark:
decides to expand The Facebook to other schools
posts more disparaging remarks about her, this time on the site he created
goes back to the dorm and locks himself in his room until she agrees to speak to him in private
sues her for defamation of character, "just to make a point"
13. Marylin Delpy, junior lawyer working for the defense, expresses surprise to Mark while talking in private that a country can have no roads but has access to Facebook. The country she mentions is:
14. Sean Parker, founder of Napster, discovers Facebook via:
a college student he slept with the night before
an email from Mark Zuckerberg
a newspaper article in the LA Times
his mother
15. What term does Eduardo use to describe the dinner that he, Mark and Christy had with Sean Parker?
"Parker Party"
16. Eduardo says that Sean's biggest contribution to Facebook was:
deciding that Facebook should be available to all people, not just college students
designing the logo
inventing the concept of the Facebook wall
telling Mark to drop "The" from "The Facebook"
17. Eduardo, to Mark after The Crimson publishes an article stating he fed a live chicken pieces of chicken from the dining hall: "I'm being accused of animal cruelty? It's better to be accused of ________!"
child abuse
18. While at a club in California, Sean tells Mark a story about the risks/dangers of selling a company too early. The person he uses as an example was the founder of which company?
Victoria's Secret
19. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are enraged to hear that Facebook has crossed an ocean while at a crew meet in:
20. Poor Eduardo, he's having a rough night. While he's fighting with Mark over the phone about a frozen bank account, his girlfriend is burning a scarf given to her by Eduardo as a gift. Why is his girlfriend so angry at him?
she thinks he's spending too much time on the idea of Facebook
she thinks Mark is a total jerk and doesn't want Eduardo hanging out with him
he won't let her hang out with Sean Parker again
his Facebook status is set to "single" and she assumes it's so he can sleep with other women guilt-free
21. Eduardo is called back to San Francisco for some urgent business. What is it?
he's being given a promotion
his Facebook shares have been diluted to next to nothing
Mark needs to ask him for more money
Mark needs Eduardo's opinion on how to lessen Sean's involvement in Facebook
22. Mark deals with a slight complication after the party thrown in honor of Facebook's 1,000,000th member. What is it?
Facebook HQ burns to the ground
Eduardo pickets outside the office
Sean and some interns are arrested
The investors start to back out after hearing how Mark treats his business associates (aka Eduardo)
23. What do Mark Zuckerberg's business cards say?
"Don't you wish you could be me?"
"Miss me now, Erica?"
"Loved by most, envied by all."
"I'm CEO, bitch."
24. Marylin talks to Mark before leaving for the night, telling him that the defense will be speaking to him tomorrow about settling. She names a few things juries look for in a defendant that would not work in Mark's favor should this go to trial - including:
sense of humor
25. As Marylin leaves the office, Mark asks to use the computer for a moment. Who does he send a Facebook friend request to?
Erica Albright
Eduardo Saverin
Tyler Winklevoss
Sean Parker

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