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How Well Do You Know: To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar
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1. Noxeema hopes when they go to Hollywood, nobody mistakes Vida and her for whom?
Liza Minnelli's back up singers
Latoya and Michael Jackson
The Gabors
Relatives of Tammy Faye
2. After winning Drag Queens of the Year, Vida tells Noxeema that they have to make a appearance at where?
Wong Foo's
The Jade Palace
The Golden Dragon
The China Bowl
3. Which famous supermodel do they see at the restaurant, and who tells them that she wished she was as pretty as they are?
Naomi Campbell
Cindy Crawford
Tyra Banks
Claudia Schiffer
4. Robin Williams plays Mr. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. He offers the girls' a deal on a car, saying that if they drop his name at the lot, any car will cost __________.
5. According to Noxeema, how many steps are there to becoming a true drag queen?
6. While driving through Pennsylvania, the girls drive through Vida's hometown. Where is Vida originally from?
Grampian Hills
Trimmer Manor
Bala Cynwyd
7. When the girls stop at a hotel for the night, they're mistaken for what?
Female wrestlers
Rugby players
Basketball players
8. What is Vida Boheme's real first name?
9. The girls get lost while driving. The last person they saw had two teeth in their mouth, so they think they're in what state?
West Virginia
10. After the girls' car breaks down, how many days do they have to wait for it to be fixed?
3 days
2 days
4 days
5 days
11. Mrs. Clara drops a picture of a famous actor, which Noxeema picks up. Mrs. Clara also later asks Noxeema to give a letter to this same actor. Who is the famous actor?
Robert Mitchum
Kirk Douglas
Burt Lancaster
Gregory Peck
12. Sheriff Dullard is looking for drag queens. The only thing he has to go on, is a/n ________ one of them left behind.
13. Virgil is a huge jerk. He yells and beats his wife because Vida put __________ in his stew.
14. Bobby Ray has fallen for Chi Chi Rodriguez. He writes "Love That Chi Chi" on what sign?
Dr. Pepper
Eat at Joe's
Newport Cigarettes
15. What famous actress does Noxeema talk about, that finally gets Mrs. Clara interested in talking?
Lena Horne
Ruby Dee
Dorothy Dandridge
Pearl Bailey
16. Sheriff Dullard makes up a list entitled Places Where Homos Hang Out. Which place was NOT on the list?
Fabric stores
Flower shops
Ballet schools
Antique shops
17. The towns people of Snydersville has a social party every year. What kind of social is it?
18. Mrs. Loretta, the town gossip, is in love with the only black person in town. What is his name?
Robbie Jay
Larry Lee
Jimmy Joe
Johnny Ray
19. What is the name of Carol Anne's oldest daughter?
Mary Sue Ellen
Bobby Jo
Bobby Lee
Betty Jean
20. Chi Chi calls Vida a lot of hurtful names. Which one is the only one she's sorry for saying?
You couldn't cut it as a man, so you had to put on a dress
A oppressive gringa with a pinga
White, honky cracker witch
Dinosaur, cellulite white trash farty old white woman
21. Carol Ann, Vida and Noxeema decide almost all the men in the world should disappear. Which man do they NOT want?
Denzel Washington
Mr. Rogers
Keanu Reeves
22. Vida and Noxeema do a make over on Bobby Lee. What movie is she suppose to watch and imitate?
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Some Like It Hot
The Ten Commandments
23. Sheriff Dullard is disgusted that drag queens are roaming free. A local farmer reminds him that in the olden days, men:
Wore kilts
Wore tights
Dressed up as woman for the theatre
Wore wigs
24. Who wins Drag Queen of America?
Chi Chi
Some other drag queen
25. What is Julie Newmar most famous for playing?
Wonder Woman
Morticia Addams
Cat Woman

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