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How Well Do You Know: Eurotrip
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Great quiz. I was hoping for a few more details to make it harder, but still good.
amadhatter53 6/8/13 12:30 pm


1. As far as Scott and and Cooper are concerned, Jenny:
Is a guy
Is like their little sister
Doesn't speak English
Has already done them
2. Scotty Doesn't Know. What is the name of the badass Matt Damon plays in one of the great film cameos?
3. At the graduation party, Cooper gets jumps into a hot tub with a topless girl. He tricks her into:
Kissing him
Making out with another chick
Massaging her breast
Taking off her bikini bottoms
4. Who clues Scott into the fact that the person he's been emailing, Mieke, isn't a male, but rather a female?
His brother
His father
5. Mieke lives in Berlin, but the courier service Scott and Cooper visit doesn't have a flight there for a week. Instead, they first travel to:
6. Cooper left for Europe without telling anyone at his workplace, _____________, that he was going to be out:
A swimming pool
A law firm
A library
A construction site
7. Wandering into a hooligan bar, Scott and Cooper are forced to sing the Manchester United song. What song does Scott sing?
Delta Dawn
Hot for Teacher
Morning Train
8. Who gets into a fight with the robot mime while the others wait in line at the Louvre?
9. On the train from Paris, who is subjected to unwanted advances by a creepy, pants-optional Italian?
10. The guys are excited to visit a nude beach. However, their hopes are dashed when they find:
The beach is populated by males only
The beach is populated solely by senior citizens
The beach reeks of fish
There's unexploded artillery on the beach
11. Which music act serenades Scott's fantasy about making out with a naked Mieke?
Lenny Kravitz
David Hasselhoff
12. What is the name of Amsterdam's most erotic club, where your every fantasy will be fulfilled?
13. While Cooper visits the sex club, Scott and Jenny think that they get intoxicated:
In an opium den
On Jagermeister
On hash brownies
On grain alcohol
14. Jamie got mugged while:
He was getting oral sex in an alley
He was buying heroine
He was reading his guide book
He was visiting an art museum
15. While the truck driver the kids hook up with isn't going to Berlin, he knows Berlin well, as:
He killed the mayor of Berlin
He shot a nun in Berlin
He ran over a crossing guard in Berlin
He stabbed a woman in Berlin
16. Rather, the truck driver drops the kids off here:
17. The kids luck out in Bratislava, because:
Cooper looks like a long-long local hero
A little American currency goes a long way
Mieke happens to be visiting Bratislava
Jenny is blood related to ancient Bratislavan royalty
18. In the Bratislavan nightclub, Jenny meets Christophe, a suave European that she had previously met in which city?
19. Who has a rather regrettable make-out session in the nightclub?
Jamie and Cooper
Jenny and Cooper
Jenny and Scott
Jenny and Jamie
20. When Scott arrives at Mieke's apartment, he finds that she has:
Never actually lived there
Left for the summer
Barricaded herself in her room
Burned the building down
21. What was sold to pay for the flight to Rome?
Scott's blood
Pictures of Jamie and Jenny making out
Jamie's camera
Scott's sperm
22. What was burned in a fireplace that suggested that a new pope had been elected?
A papal hat
Papal robes
A carpet
23. Which character(s) from earlier in the film save Scott from being apprehended from the Swiss Guards?
The creepy pants-optional Italian
The soccer hooligans
The truck driver
The staff of Club Vandersexxx
24. After getting it on with Scott in a confessional, Mieke leaves for a summer:
At sea
Backpacking through the Alps
Playing soccer in South America
Studying to become a nun
25. Who stays in Europe rather than flying back to the US at the end of the movie?

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