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How Well Do You Know: Die Hard: With a Vengeance
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Your questions 6 and 7 have faulty wording. you ask what number Zeus and John dial to solve the St. Ives riddle but both 2401 is dialed and THEN Zeus figures the true answer, 0001. so both #'s ARE dialed. Also, Bonnie Bedella DOES make a bried cameo as her voice is heard calling out to John briefly as he drops the payphone.
Agent Johnson 2/14/11 4:26 pm


1. Which classic rock song, interrupted by the initial explosion, plays as the film opens?
Born in the USA
Summer of '69
Summer in the City
Start it Up
2. What is John McClane's status at the beginning of the movie?
He is active within the NYPD
He is on suspension
He is retired from the force
He was fired from the NYPD
3. Simon's first instructions send John to which section of New York?
The Battery
4. The police find a sample of Simon's bomb in a park. Charley, the explosives expert, explains that the bomb has what unique property?
It can be activated by radio signal
The compound comprising it will explode if exposed to sunlight
It contains two liquids that have to be combined together
The bomb will explode if it travels on a bus going 55 miles an hour
5. On the phone with the police, Simon refers to Zeus as:
The Troublemaker
The Samaritan
The Citizen
The Shopkeeper
6. Zeus and McClane have to solve the "How many people were going to St. Ives" riddle in order by call Simon. What number do they dial?
7. Which actor from the previous Die Hard film(s) makes a brief cameo in the third?
Bonnie Bedelia
Reginald VelJohnson
William Atherton
None of them
8. McClane and Zeus must race from a pay phone to the subway station. What unusual route do the take?
They drive a cab through the subway tunnels
They drive through Central Park
They drive backwards down the Avenue of the Americas
They jump aboard a moving ambulance
9. What is Zeus's last name?
10. The government agents who meet with McClane after the subway explosion reveal that Simon was Hans Gruber's:
11. Simon stated that he put a very large bomb in a school in the city. What time was the bomb set to detonate?
10:00 am
3:00 pm
4:30 pm
12. Simon states that the gold in the Federal Reserve is how many times what is in Fort Knox?
13. In a puzzle that I am never sure that I understand, McClane and Zeus have to put a specific amount of water into one of two jugs. What are the sizes of the jugs?
One gallon and four gallons
Five gallons and six gallons
Two gallons and three gallons
Five gallons and three gallons
14. What New York City landmark does Zeus go to by himself?
The Statue of Liberty
Time's Square
Yankee Stadium
The Empire State Building
15. At the Federal Reserve, how does John realize that the men with him in the elevator are not real policemen?
He hears one speaking German
He recognizes the badge that one of them wears
They carry their gun on the wrong hip
They are not carrying police radios
16. One of Simon's riddles was, who was the 21st president. Well?
Chester A. Arthur
Rutherford B. Hayes
Grover Cleveland
Abraham Lincoln
17. Simon's crew attempt to escape the city by driving the trucks through a long tunnel. What is the name of the tunnel?
The Main Line
The New Lincoln Expressway
The Aqueduct
The Big Dig
18. Whose nephews get trapped inside the school where the bomb is?
Inspector Cobb's
19. Though she doesn't have a line in the film, Katya, the blonde on Simon's team, has quite a presence. What distinguishing characteristic does she have?
She has scars on her neck
She has a birthmark on her cheek
She has nine fingers
She has an artificial leg
20. What realization do some members of Simon's crew make on the boat?
That there is no gold on the boat
That they have children in the school where the bomb is
That some of Simon's riddles are logically faulty
Simon and Hans Gruber are actually the same person
21. John realizes where Simon is going after the boat explodes because of an imprint on:
A matchbook
A watch
A bottle of aspirin
22. What color of sleeveless t-shirt does Simon wear throughout most of the film?
23. Where in Canada does McClane catch up with Simon?
Nova Scotia
24. What military-style tune is used as a motif throughout the film?
When Johnny Comes Marching Home
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Stars and Stripes Forever
Over There
25. John McTiernan directed Die Hard: With a Vengeance. Which of the previous two had he directed?
The first, but not the second
The second, but not the first

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