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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Glasses
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1. It's the air conditioner that Kramer is getting for Jerry. It has 12,000 BTUs. It's name is
The Commando 8
The Igloo-ifier
Ice Ice Baby
Deep Chill 6000
2. Jerry doesn't like air conditioners. So why is he getting one?
Cold air reminds him of the Fortress of Solitude
It will keep the paint in his apartment from peeling
His girlfriend likes it
His cereal spoils too quickly in the warm apartment
3. George enters complaining about having his glasses stolen. He does this wile wearing:
"Elton John" glasses
Swimming goggles
Aviator sunglasses
3D movie glasses
4. Kramer knows a guy that can get George 30% off his glasses. Kramer has this arrangement, because he got the guy off:
Sleeping pills
5. While chasing the guy whose dog bit Elaine, George thinks he sees Jerry's girlfriend kissing:
Tim Watley
Jerry's cousin
6. George apparently has excellent vision when squinting. According to legend, he was able to spot what type of animal along the roadside while squinting?
Field mice
7. Jerry has to break it to George that the raccoons that he thought he saw on the road were actually:
Mile markers
Hay bales
Old tires
8. ...But Jerry is further confused when George squint-spots ________ across the apartment:
A dime
A needle
A button
A ball bearing
9. And of course, George muddles things further by reaching for an apple, and instead taking a big bite out of:
An orange
An onion
A potato
10. Being bitten by a dog, Elaine is now afraid of all dogs, including little Snowball, who Kramer says:
Is a wind-up toy
Runs on batteries
Fits in your pocket
Is like a Christmas tree ornament
11. What causes the air conditioner to fall out of the window and hit the dog that bit Elaine?
Kramer slams the door
Amy throws her shoe at Jerry and misses
Elaine pushes it out of the window intentionally
George bumped into it while dancing
12. George's glasses hadn't been stolen, after all. Where were they?
On Jerry's refrigerator
On top of his locker at the health club
In Elaine's purse
He left them in the booth at Monk's

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