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How Well Do You Know: Modern Family: Season 2 Part 2
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1. "Slow Down Your Neighbors": Cameron and Mitchell befriend sexy stranger Barry after they find him soaking in their hot tub. What do they discover about Barry that results in a phone call to the police?
Barry has been stealing their silverware
Barry is head of a pyramid scheme
Barry has been taking drugs while in the hot tub
Barry has been living in Lily's princess castle
2. "Slow Down Your Neighbors": Jay successfully teaches Manny how to ride a bicycle, but doesn't have the same luck with Gloria. Who winds up teaching Gloria how to shed her fears and ride a bike?
3. "Our Children, Ourselves": After Jay insults the houseguests staying with them, Gloria gets the couple to stay by:
paying them to be her friends
telling them Jay is starting to lose his mind
pretending she wants them to join her and Jay in bed
telling them their other option that night is to stay with Phil and Claire
4. "Our Children, Ourselves": Phil and Claire, already feeling a bit insecure because Alex indicates they aren't the sharpest tools in the shed, run into her classmate's doctor parents while on a movie date. Alex's classmate's parents are going to see a foreign film - what were the Dunphy's going to see?
April Fools Day
Psycho Vampire Sluts From Hell
5. "Caught in the Act": Phil and Claire are upset when the kids walk in on a compromising position. Gloria and Jay misunderstand the kids' comments, though, thinking that Claire is angry about:
the lack of time Jay spends with the Dunphy kids
the fact that Jay and Gloria did not knock before entering the house
Gloria's choice of attire
an email Gloria mistakenly sent to Claire
6. "Caught in the Act": Cam and Mitchell are caught in a lie with restauranteur Amelia after they try to accuse her son of spilling a juice box on her expensive white rug. Amelia freaks out after hearing that her son spilled the juice box, not knowing it was a lie - why was she so upset?
her son is forbidden from drinking anything other than water, per a crazy diet he is on
her son is allergic to the type of juice that is spilled
she had explicitly told Cam and Mitchell not to be giving him a juice box
She had told her son he coudn't have anything to eat or drink until she got home
7. "Bixby's Back": Claire and Phil, as sexy alter-egos Juliana and Clive, make plans to meet up in a hotel room. What happens that derails those plans?
Phil winds up grabbing the wrong hotel key and ends up in the wrong room
Claire gets drunk on appletinis and passes out on the bed
Phil vomits on the bed after meeting up with Claire in the room
the kids call, saying there's an emergency at home (Luke has his head stuck in the bannister)
8. "Bixby's Back": What are Cameron and Mitchell disagreeing on during their Valentine's Day celebration?
whether they should have gotten a room at the adjoining hotel
whether Mitchell's assistant has a crush on Cameron or Mitchell
whether they should have left Lily at home with a babysitter or brought her with them to dinner
whether Jay will find a way to upstage their plans again
9. "Princess Party": Claire's mother shows up for dinner at the Dunphy's and brings a date - who is it?
Claire's therapist
Phil's father
Claire's ex-boyfriend
10. "Princess Party": Cameron is not looking forward to Lily's princess party - why?
He doesn't want Mitchell's mother there since she is a troublemaker
Mitchell won't let him show up to the party as Fizbo the clown
The caterer he wanted was booked that day
The princess they had hired was drunk
11. "Regrets Only": Mitchell scrambles to save Cameron's charity event after realizing that he:
forgot to send out the invitations that Cameron had asked him to mail
booked the wrong string quartet to play at the event
had invited all of the same people to his own work event on the same night
had the wrong date printed on the invitations
12. "Regrets Only": Gloria gets a gift that winds up putting Jay and Manny on edge. What is it?
a knife set
a video camera
pots and pans
a karaoke machine
13. "Two Monkeys and a Panda": While Claire rushes to find a replacement sweater for Haley after Alex accidentally rips it, Phil gets advice from a group of women at:
Alex's middle school
Luke's baseball game
a spa
a strip club
14. "Two Monkeys and a Panda": Mitchell and Cameron teach Lily to ______ when she hears the word "adoption".
15. "Boys' Night": While discussing whether it's appropriate for Luke to be friends with their elderly neighbor, Phil gives Claire some examples of unlikely friendships from movies. Which movie does he not name?
Harold and Maude
True Grit
Gran Torino
16. "Boys' Night": After ditching Gloria and Manny at the theater, Jay finds himself hanging out and having fun at a bar with:
Phil and his work colleagues
Cameron and Mitchell and their friends
Haley's boyfriend
Gloria's ex-husband
17. "The Musical Man": What item of the Dunphys becomes a poor example of marketing for Phil's real estate business?
their house
their minivan
their swimming pool
Luke's skateboard
18. "The Musical Man": Jay realizes that he and his brother have lost their connection over the years when his brother admits he kept news of his___________ from Jay.
wife's death
cancer diagnosis
19. "Someone to Watch Over Lily": While at the sporting goods store, Jay helps Manny get more comfortable with nature and his approaching camping trip by making him:
run laps around the store
climb the rock wall
pitch a tent in the camping section
use a fishing pole
20. "Someone to Watch Over Lily": Mitchell and Cameron are horrified to find that Gloria has:
dyed Lily's hair
accidentally taught Lily how to curse in Spanish
pierced Lily's ears
bought Lily a shirt that says "I love my Daddies"
21. "Mother's Day": Something happens while Jay and Phil are preparing Mother's Day dinner that makes Jay cry. What is it?
Phil calls Jay "Dad"
Phil makes Jay tell him how much he loves his kids
Jay finds a love note from his late mother to his father
Phil finds a note from childhood Jay in his late mother's cookbook
22. "Mother's Day": Claire and Gloria share frustrations about their children. Claire admits she wants to punch her children in the face sometimes; Gloria admits she hates Manny's:
manner of speaking
23. "Good Cop Bad Dog": Claire and Phil switch roles for the day, with Phil being tough on the kids, and Claire being the "fun" parent. Where does she take Luke and Manny to celebrate their good report cards?
driving range
24. "Good Cop Bad Dog": How does sick Cameron figure out that Mitchell went to the Lady Gaga concert without him?
he forgot to change out of his Gaga concert t-shirt
he left the ticket stub on the coffee table
he was still wearing his blinking necklace
Cameron had checked online banking and seen a charge on the statement
25. "See You Next Fall": Haley gives Alex, who is valedictorian of her graduating middle school class, some advice regarding the speech. She tells Alex her speech can be improved by:
quoting song lyrics
talking about the popular kids
saying the word "party" no less than 5 times
adding a profanity or two
26. "See You Next Fall": The family is shocked to discover that Jay:
wrote Manny and Cameron into his will
had Botox
was flirting with a waitress in front of Gloria
admitted he had never been a very good father
27. "The One That Got Away": Cameron gets kicked out of a bakery while trying to buy a birthday cake for Jay, after a misunderstanding that leads to patrons thinking Cam is:
hitting on a pre-teen
an armed fugituve
a homeless man
on drugs
28. "The One That Got Away": Gloria buys Jay an unusual gift - a telephone shaped like a pair of lips. What had Jay mentioned wanting?
a telescope
a saxophone
a fishing pole
a bbq grill

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