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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Bris
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1. Jerry, George and Elaine are visiting friends who have just become parents in the hospital. While Jerry and Elaine are busy being made uncomfortable by the mother's breast feeding, George is obsessed with:
A hot nurse
His fantastic parking job
The last name of the hospital administrator
Hypodermic needles
2. Kramer comes across the alleged Pig Man because:
He follows a trail of corn
He hears rumors of genetic experimentation at the hospital
He followed a woman who looked like a goat
He is looking for Jerry on the wrong floor of the hospital
3. During the hospital visit, the gang witnesses a suicide. Which of the group was tangentially responsible for the jumper?
4. After the jumper has jumped, George's exclamation is:
Oh, the humanity!
My car!
Only in New York!
Pizza for dinner!
5. Kramer theorizes that numerous Pig Men are being bred for what purpose?
Organ farming
Athletic supremacy
Space exploration
6. Who said it: "Perhaps one day when the Pig Men roam free, it will be stopped, Kramer. Until then, off with their heads!"
The mohel
7. According to the hospital administrator, the jumper flew right past the:
Terminally ill ward
Children's wing
Candy striper's cafeteria
Pig Men holding cells
8. In his discussion with the hospital administrator, George uses this onomatopoeia with regards to the jumper hitting his car:
9. Jerry isn't excited to be the baby's godfather, and suggests that the only bond he has with the father is:
They were in glee club together
They are on the same softball team
They use the same mechanic
They have the same name
10. At the bris, the mohel scolds Elaine for the placement of ________ on a coffee table:
Bowl of nuts
Wine glass
Coffee table book
11. The mohel bemoans that the doesn't have the following profession like his brother:
Kosher butcher
Lounge singer
12. Whose finger was circumcised by the mohel?

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