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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Puffy Shirt
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1. George claims that his mother has never:
Had sex
Told him she loves him
Played bingo
2. As the guys move George's stuff into his parents', Estelle offers them this, and is outraged when they don't want any:
Pudding cups
Bologna sandwiches
3. A key player in the episode is a woman named Leslie, who is this type of talker:
A high talker
A low talker
A close talker
A loud talker
4. Whose girlfriend is Leslie?
Tim Watley's
5. Jerry inadvertently agrees to wear the Puffy Shirt for his appearance:
At a stand-up club
On the Tonight Show
On the Today Show
During a telethon for illiteracy
6. George, as it turns out, has fantastic hands. A woman determines this when George:
Giving the finger to her when she steals his cab
Wipes his mouth with a napkin
Stifles a yawn
Helps her pick up her things after bumping into her
7. George is outraged when Kramer does this and threatens his new-found hand model status:
Slams George's hand in a door
Shocks George with a hand buzzer
Gives George a hard high-five
Whacks George's hand with a ruler
8. Shocked at Jerry's appearance in the Puffy Shirt, Elaine says that he looks like this literary character:
The Count of Monte Cristo
Long John Silver
Oliver Twist
9. At the hand photoshoot, George learns about Ray McKidney, a legendary hand model whose career came to an end when:
Both hands were amputated in a bizarre thresher accident
His hands became gnarled from excessive self-pleasuring
He lost, badly, during a sword fight
His trip to Gator Country, USA went horribly awry
10. This Today Show personality gives Jerry a good ribbing about the Puffy Shirt:
Bryant Gumbel
Jane Pauley
Willard Scott
Kathie Lee Gifford
11. This object ultimately caused trauma to George's hands:
A waffle maker
A car door
A flask of acid
A hot iron
12. At the end of the episode, we see the Puffy Shirt being worn by:
A bank robber
A member of the Knicks
David Letterman
A homeless man

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