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How Well Do You Know: Die Hard 2
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1. What bit of misfortune befalls John McClane as the movie opens?
He gets in a car accident
His car is being towed
He loses his wallet
He get stuck in traffic driving to the airport
2. As the movie opens, McClane says that he is now living:
In Washington, DC
In Los Angeles
In New York
In Philadelphia
3. At which Washington, DC area airport does the film take place?
Not specified
4. The woman sitting next to Holly on the plane has a taser. What does she say happened to her dog when she tried it on him?
He dropped dead on the spot
He started acting like a cat
He peed all over her living room
He limped for a week
5. What type of building do the bad guys commandeer in order to cut into the airport's air traffic control systems?
A library
A hospital
A church
A television studio
6. What actor-turned-politician plays Trudeau, head of the air traffic control tower?
Fred Thompson
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Jesse Ventura
Sonny Bono
7. What airline does Holly fly?
Northeast Air
World Air
Quo Vadimis
British Air
8. What actor, best known for portraying a TV cop, plays Captain Lorenzo, the head of the airport police?
Dennis Franz
Jerry Orbach
David Caruso
Jimmy Smits
9. What was the name of the female reporter that appears throughout the movie?
10. What is the first sign that the Col. Stuart's men have control of the airport?
A bomb explodes in the airport
A radar tower goes down
The runway lights start shutting down
A plane crashes
11. What was the call sign of the plane that Esperanza flew into the US?
12. Leslie Barnes and a SWAT team make an ill-fated attempt to contact from the planes from a new addition to the airport. What was the name of the site?
New Terminal Bridge
Beta Communications Center
Vortex Addition
Annex Skywalk
13. In retaliation for the raid on the antenna array, Col. Stuart crashes a plane from which airline?
Irish Air
14. What does McClane ask Trudeau when Major Grant's team arrive?
Are you sure he's not one of the bad guys?
Didn't you think he'd be taller?
Did things just get better or worse?
How did he know my name?
15. What does Esperanza say as he emerges from his plane, just before McClane punches him?
What a flight
Where is the cavalry?
16. How is Esperanza's plane destroyed?
It crashes
It hits a gasoline tanker
Grenades explode inside it
A large beam of electomagnetic energy originating from a mysterious island breaks it apart mid-air
17. McClane tries to sneak up on the church out of which Stuart's men operate. What goes wrong to blow the element of surprise?
He coughs
He walks over a tripwire
A dog barks
His beeper goes off
18. What item does John use to kill the sentry outside the church?
An axe
An icicle
A shoestring
A pipe
19. In the firefight at the church, Stuart's and Grant's men use clips loaded with blanks. The live ammo clips have red bands on them. What color bands to the clips of blanks have?
20. What does Grant do immediately before contacting Stuart, revealing that Grant is aligned with Stuart?
Blows up the church
Kills one of his own men
Flips off McClane
Shoots an airport policeman
21. What causes a melee inside the airport?
They see a plane crash
All flights are listed as delayed
Someone bought the last Cinnabon
Dick Thornburg says on air that the terrorists control the airport
22. How does McClane get to Hangar 11, where Stuart's plane waits?
Captain Lorenzo drives him
He drives a cart through the tunnels underneath the runways
He rides a news helicopter
He runs really fast
23. Who fights McClane on the wing of the plane at the end of the film?
Both Stuart and Grant
24. Why can the plane Esperanza, Grant and Stuart are on not take off?
McClane pulled a lever for the fuel dump and all the gas drained out
The plane has a flat tire
There is not enough room on the runway
McClane stuffed his coat in the aileron, preventing the plane from gaining altitude
25. What does Holly say to John as they embrace at the end of the film?
Somehow, I'll find a way to blame this all on you.
Merry Christmas
Why does this keep happening to us?
I'm never flying again

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