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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Mango
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1. The episode begins with Jerry doing a stand-up bit about this unusual fruit:
Seedless watermelon
2. Jerry and George discuss George's relationship status with his girlfriend. When Jerry asks George if he cleans his apartment when she comes over, Jerry states that "_______ is love."
3. George discusses his being uncomfortableness giving a woman oral sex. He recounts that one time, he got:
The tug
The tap
The throat-clearing
The "Uh, George...."
4. Discussing faking orgasms with Jerry and George, Elaine discloses:
That she never fakes
That she's never had a real orgasm
That she faked with Jerry
That she only fakes with Puddy
5. Continuing the fruit-related themes of the episode, Kramer runs afoul of a grocer when he tries to return this type of fruit that he thinks is sub-par:
6. George's ladyfriend Karen gets all hot and bothered when she polishes off a plate of:
Angel-hair pasta
Lobster Thermidor
Blackened catfish
7. Jerry wants another shot at satisfying Elaine. When she declines, he theorizes that:
He'll ruin her for all other men
She likes having this over him
She actually had orgasms all the time with him
He's never given a single woman an orgasm
8. George and Jerry talk about their difficulty in this area, and Jerry offers by way of condolence that this noted historical figure also had problems delivering:
Abraham Lincoln
John Hancock
9. Banned from the grocery store, Kramer first sends this person (who also ends up getting banned) to Joe's to buy fruit:
10. Jerry has taken this unusual step to confirm that he's given women orgasms:
Calling them on the phone and asking them
Getting notarized letters from them
Preparing flow charts and Venn diagrams
Arranging for lie-detector tests
11. "I think it moved." Who was present when George ate the rejuvenating mango?
He was by himself
Jerry and Kramer
12. The episode ends on an ironic note when:
There's not mango left to help Jerry out with Elaine
George thinks that Karen is faking, when she actually orgasms
Jerry turns down having sex with Elaine
George calls out Elaine's name when he's in bed with Karen

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