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How Well Do You Know: Cobra
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1. Cobra's last name is Cobretti. What's his first name (tee-hee!)?
2. The first crime that we see committed in the movie takes place in a:
Car wash
Movie theater
Public library
3. What words are uttered by the criminal as he opens fire in the aforementioned location?
"Call the police"
"Remember my name"
"You know why"
4. The primary villain in the film is the:
Night Slasher
Night Stalker
Night Strangler
Night Stabber
5. What do the victims of the Night Slasher have in common?
Their last name
That they are all prostitutes
That they are all family of policemen
6. Ingrid (Brigitte Nielsen), having witnessed the Night Slasher's gang cleaning up after a murder, is identified by a member of the gang who is a:
Police woman
7. Cobra wheels around town in this type of vehicle?
Black and red motorcycle
Black Ford Mustang
Blue Corvette
Grey Mercury
8. We see Ingrid modeling in a curious display of:
Christmas trees
Historical figures
Lawn equipment
9. The Night Stalker's crew first tries to kill Ingrid:
On a waterfront pier
In her apartment
In a parking garage
In a church
10. In the hospital in which Ingrid recovers, the Night Slasher first kills a:
Security guard
11. Realizing something's afoot at the hospital, Cobra is delayed in getting there because:
His car has been firebombed
Members of the Night Slasher gang attack him
He is involved in a shoot-out with a biker gang
He is busy fighting bureaucratic red tape
12. Hey, what city is the setting for the movie, anyway?
Los Angeles
13. Cobra is attacked while moving Ingrid to the safe house. In what unusual way does he dispatch a pickup truck carrying some of the gang?
He throws a grenade into it
He fires at it while driving backward
He forces it into a collision with a tanker truck
He throws a knife into the throat of the driver
14. In a conversation with Ingrid, Cobra suggests that this party is to blame for the rampant crime on the streets:
The politicians
The judges
Delinquent fathers
TV network executives
15. Cobra is part of the ___________ Squad.
16. Cobra and Ingrid hide out in hotel outside the city. The Night Slasher crew ride in ___________ to mess them up.
In school buses
On motorcycles
Police cars
17. After a shootout with the gang, Ingrid and Cobra flee through a ________ ........
Lemon grove
Movie drive-in
Deserted playground
Lumber yard
18. .... and into a _________, where the final confrontation takes place:
Textile factory
Car impound lot
Steel mill
19. The Night Slasher is done away with when Cobra impales him on a:
Steam pipe
20. Having killed the Night Stalker, Cobra makes this request of his captain:
To make sure none of the gang ever see the light of day again
To have his car replaced
Not to be brought up on charges for having just punched a detective
Ingrid's phone number

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