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How Well Do You Know: Igby Goes Down
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1. There sure are a lot of Culkins in this movie. Which ones do we got here?
Rory and Macaulay
Macaulay and Kieran
Kieran and Rory
Marlon and Keenen Ivory
2. As the film opens, what is the first thing we see legendary actress Susan Sarandon doing?
Smoking a joint
Passed out from poison, snoring loudly
Smacking Igby for backtalk
Getting another cocktail at a party
3. In a flashback to his youth, it is revealed that Igby's father is not well. He'll be better in spring. He's no good in winter. Which of the following is NOT one of the ways his illness is made abundantly clear over the course of the movie?
He stacked hundreds upon hundreds of cigarettes in drawers at work
He appears completely naked at the dinner table after being chastised by his wife
He breaks through the glass shower door while having an episode
He puts a plastic bag around his wife's neck in an attempt to suffocate her
4. After flunking out of another private school, where does Igby end up for a time?
Public school
Juvenile Detention
Military school
California, out on his own
5. Igby gets offered a summer position to work renovating his godfather's New York properties. He's supposed to return to military school first, but that doesn't exactly happen right away. What does?
Igby steals his mom's credit card and goes on a little fun trip to the midwest
Igby sneaks away to live with his brother Oliver
A new school takes interest in Igby so he doesn't have to go
Igby's dad shows up and takes custody of him
6. What's interesting about the counselor Igby sees at Broken Wings, a drug rehab facility?
She's really smoking hot and sleeps with him
He's snot ridden, and like everyone else, hits him
She's as much of a drug addict as his mother
He's sleeping and Igby sneaks out of the session
7. When summer finally arrives and Igby is off to New York City to work with his godfather, what does D.H. provide him along the way?
A pocket watch with his name engraved
A cigar case
His own business account at Goldman Sachs
A contract for him to sign
8. Where does Igby end up meeting Sookie?
In New York City walking in Central Park
At Saint Andrews Academy
On the beach in the Hamptons at D.H.'s summer home
In one of the properties he's renovating
9. During a particularly contentious scene at the party with Oliver and Igby trading barbs while trying to look good for either Sookie or Rachael, what ends the battle of wits?
Igby drinks from a glass with a cigarette butt
Rachael, like everyone else, hits Igby
D.H. comes over and chastises them for fraternizing
Igby announces D.H.'s affair with Rachel in front of everyone
10. What event marks the beginning of Igby's running away from his life, including going back to school in the fall?
His father passes away so he ditches his escort to go to his grave
His mother's birthday so he bribes his escort to let him get a gift
His brother starts seeing Rachel so he blackmails him to D.H
His godfather decides to keep him on full time
11. While Bunny is trying to infer that perhaps Mimi had an affair which created Igby,what is happening to him back in New York City?
He's working catering events with Sookie
He's doing Pepto Bismal shots with Russel
He's being sexually forced upon by Rachel
He's arguing with Oliver about being on the lamb
12. What is happening as a backdrop to the scene in which Sookie meets up with Igby for the second time, smoking out in Central Park?
Two girls are very aggressively playing soccer
Oliver is seen stalking the pair
Russel is painting a sculpture
Children are climbing a rock wall
13. What's the reason why D.H. can't be angry initially when he discovers Igby has been staying at the renovated house in New York City?
He just likes Igby so much, he can't be upset
Igby has Sookie with him
He didn't know Ibgy was supposed to be elsewhere
Igby catches him with his pants down, literally, and is afraid he'll tell Bunny
14. And then, of course, Rachel just hauls off and decks Igby making me wonder who DOESN'T hit him in this movie?
His mother Mimi
His brother Oliver
His godfather D.H.
Other classmates at Military School
15. What sneaky thing does Oliver do to Igby to perhaps help pressure him into straightening up and go back to school?
Tells D.H. he slept Rachael
Escorts Sookie back to her place and sleeps with her
Gets Russel arrested for dealing drugs
Tells Igby that their mother has breast cancer
16. What happens when Rachel goes to see D.H. with the hope he'll continue their relationship?
When she arrives, he takes a look at her, and leaves without a word
D.H. has Bunny with him, she leaves without a word
D.H. has Mimi with him, she leaves without a word
She never makes it, as she ODs and dies
17. On the bus back from New Jersey where Igby got his G.E.D. why does he say he wants to go to California?
He figures his mother won't find him there
D.H. is going to set him up with a new business
His brother graduated from Columbia and is moving there
He needs a sunny day
18. There is also a drag queen that assaults Igby too. As Oliver said, even Gandhi would have likely beat the crap out of him if he had to spend any length of time with him. So why was the drag queen allegedly upset?
She thought he was sleeping with Russel
She thought he ate the rest of her Lucky Charms
She thought he was the one that made Rachel OD
She thought he revealed her real gender to Oliver
19. While Oliver is quickly feeding Mimi the poisoned strawberry yogurt, what revelation does she share with Igby just to spite him?
That D.H. is his father
That she doesn't have him mentioned in her will
That Sookie was a good match for Oliver
That she loved him no matter what
20. What does Igby say to his mother after she's passed away (while he is beating up her corpse.)
"I hate you for everything!"
"D.H. isn't really my father!"
"I'm sorry!"
"I love you no matter what!"

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