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How Well Do You Know: Friends, S02E09: The One with Phoebe's Dad
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1. Who begins the episode by saying, "Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. Ugly Naked Guy is decorating his tree. Oh my God, you should see the size of his Christmas Balls."
2. Chandler and Joey are planning on tipping the super $50but after hearing what Monica and Rachel are giving him, they change it to $25. What are Monica and Rachel giving the super for Christmas?
3. Monica and Rachel also tipped the newspaper delivery guy with homemade cookies, but its quite obvious that he doesn't like them. Their paper gets delivered, shredded with cookies in the middle. And on the crossword at 14 across it says what?
I hate you
Where's my money
Bite me bite me bite me bite me
Merry Xmas
4. Ross bought Rachel a Christmas gift. What is it?
Play Dough
A Teddy Bear
A Slinky
A Toy Telescope
5. Phoebe's grandmother told her that her dad was the guy....?
On the Brawny paper towels
That comes in picture frames
Who reads the news for Channel 4
From the Mr. Clean commercials
6. When Phoebe goes to confront her grandma, she is reading the obituaries and doing what?
Crossing out the people in the phonebook
Making a scrapbook
7. Joey and Chandler still haven't done their Christmas shopping even though its December _____.
8. Monica and Rachel soon learn that the mailman did not like their cookies either, because Monica got a package from her mother and everything inside was broken. What was inside?
Christmas plates
Wine glasses
9. Phoebe's grandma confesses that she knows where her father is. As Phoebe leaves to go find her Dad, she blows a kiss to a picture of her "grandfather". Who is her "grandfather"?
Sean Connery
Albert Einstein
George Washington
King George
10. Chandler and Joey go with Phoebe in her mom's cab in search of her father. What does Phoebe ask Chandler to hold that makes him instantly grab his seatbelt?
A helmet
His airbag
Her speeding ticket folder
A piece of paper that reads "Brake Left, Gas Right"
11. Chandler then realizes that there is no seatbelt. What happened to it?
Phoebe cut it out and wore it as an actual belt one day
Phoebe's grandmother sold it for lottery tickets
The paramedics had to cut through it
Phoebe has no idea
12. Ross accidentally breaks what at Monica and Rachel's Christmas party?
The radiator
The radio
The gingerbread house
The tree
13. How close to her dad's house does Phoebe make it to?
The sidewalk
The porch
The mailbox
The garage
14. Who fixes the radiator at Monica and Rachel's?
15. Which of these is NOT a gift given by Chandler and Joey?
A Chocolate Bar
New Car Smell Air Freshener
Toilet Seat Covers

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