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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Itchy and Scratchy and Poochie
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Krusty presents a new Itchy and Scratchy cartoon, which features:
a volcano bungee jump
a stethoscope and a French nuclear testing site
a Hebrew prayer and a bris scalpel
a butter churn
Bart and Lisa join an Itchy and Scratchy focus group. According to the test results, Milhouse really likes:
Itchy in a dress
the sexy ostrich
the Speedo guy
the hoochie-mama pig
The focus group results are that the kids want a realistic, down-to-earth show that’s completely off-the-wall and swarming with magic robots. Also, Milhouse says:
there should be a cool blue-haired kid with glasses called Milhouse
you should win things by watching
Itchy needs to have a time machine
it should be in 3-D, without any glasses
What are buzzwords that dumb people use to sound important?
dynamic and cross-functional
reconceptualise and leveraging
empower and synergy
proactive and paradigm
It is agreed that Itchy and Scratchy will have a new character, Poochie. In the design process, it is suggested that he be what by 10 per cent?
kung fu’d
surfed up
The Simpsons have a young man living with them. What’s his name?
Homer has never listened to his hilarious voice on a tape recorder. He prefers to listen to:
The Doobie Brothers
Grand Funk Railroad
Pat Benatar
Cheap Trick
Whoa! A talking dog? What were the writers smoking when they came up with that?
they were eating rotisserie chicken
they were drinking peppermint fraps
they were eating vegetarian pizza
they were eating leftover casserole
The voice of Itchy and Scratchy, June Bellamy, started out as:
Ms. Pacman
Tasmanian Devil
Poochie’s premiere episode, The Beagle Has Landed, does not quite feature a visit to:
the fireworks factory
the factory demolition
the artillery range
the sawmill
Poochie is a third:
Joe Camel
Jeff Spicoli
Mr. T
Poochie’s advice to kids is:
don’t do drugs... be the awesome!
wear a seat belt… to the max!
always recycle... to the extreme!
eat your vegetables... they’re the bomb!
Poochie’s fan mail includes all of the following categories except::
Poochie Hate Mail
Poochie Hate Mail (Foreign)
Poochie Death Threats
Poochie Letter Bombs
Poochie dies:
from rabies
in a blender
on his way to his home planet
in a tanning bed
Alas, Roy is leaving the Simpsons as well. Where’s he going?
to be a live-in babysitter to three young kids
to his own apartment, with two sexy ladies
to live with his cousin from the small Mediterranean island of Gyros
to become butler to the state governor

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