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How Well Do You Know: The Goonies
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1. First a really easy one: what is the name of the famed explorer who originally tried to find One Eyed Willy's treasure back during the 1930s?
Meriwether Lewis
Gordon Lightfoot
J. Edgar Hoover
Chester Copperpot
2. What does Jake Fratelli do to begin his breakout from jail?
Jumps into the laundry chute
Pretends to have hanged himself
Climbs through a hole he dug in his cell
Sets off the smoke detector
3. After the Goonies find the room filled with all sort of pipes, preppy Troy is shown reading on a toilet. What magazine is he reading?
Guns N Ammo
Boy's Life
Men's Fitness
4. Which final note on the piano of bones is Andy unsure about: it is either a B flat or a what?
A sharp
B sharp
C flat
D sharp
5. After the boys get caught by Mama Fratelli in the old restaurant, Mouth foolishly can't keep his mouth shut. In response, Mama pulls out a switchblade knife and says "the only thing we serve here is..." what?
6. What is Sloth watching on TV when Chunk tosses him the candy bar?
Errol Flynn movie
The A-Team
Julia Child cooking show
Suzanne Somers infomercial
7. Who sings the theme song to the movie, "The Goonies 'R' Good Enough"?
Lionel Ritchie
Cyndi Lauper
Pat Benatar
Tina Turner
8. During their showdown on Willy's pirate ship, who does Mama Fratelli make walk the plank?
9. What kind of vehicle do the Fratellis drive?
GMC Suburban
Ford Bronco
Ford Explorer
Jeep Cherokee
10. What little accident allows the gang to discover the whereabouts of the entrance to the secret tunnel?
Chunk breaks a statue
Chunk knocks over a water bottle
Chunk trips on a hidden wire
Chunk gets locked in the freezer
11. After Chunk and Sloth make it to the pirate ship to save the day, Sloth reveals that he is wearing what superhero t-shirt?
12. What is Mouth's real first name?
13. After the wired booby trap that sets off a couple giant boulders, what is the very next thing the Goonies encounter?
Brand uncovers a room filled with thousands of bats
They find the beautiful wishing-well waterfall
The room filled with all sorts of pipes
Another booby trap, where Data is saved by his Pinchers of Peril
14. Chunk gets very frightened after he finds the Fratelli's SUV parked at the old restaurant. How big does he say the bullet holes in the SUV are?
The size of golf balls
The size of matzah balls
The size of giant turds
The size of grapefruits
15. The actor who played central character Mikey Walsh would later go on to star in what popular film trilogy?
The Matrix
Back to the Future
The Lord of the Rings
The Star Wars prequels
16. When do Andy and Brand first kiss?
At the wishing well
In the water outside the pirate ship
During the bathroom break
After Andy plays the bone piano
17. The gang, unable to believe Chunk's amazing story about the police chase, reminds him of these other amazing stories from his past EXCEPT what?
The time he ate his weight at Godfather's Pizza
The time Michael Jackson came over to his house to use the bathroom
The time he saved those old people from the nursing home fire
The time he saw aliens in the parking lot after school
18. At his interrogation by the Fratelli's what does Chunk finally claim is the worst thing he ever did?
He pretended to puke all over a movie theater audience
He knocked his sister down the stairs and blamed it on the dog
He gave cooties to his second grade teacher on purpose
His prank about all the creatures that multiply when you throw water on them
19. What routine does Mouth make Chunk perform before he will be allowed entrance to the Walsh residence?
Purple Nurple
Blubber Flubber
Truffle Shuffle
Chunk Funk
20. What is the name of One Eyed Willy's pirate ship?
Red Storm

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