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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Homer's Enemy
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Tonight's inspiring story is about Frank Grimes, a thirty-five-year-old Springfieldite who has earned everything the hard way, but never let adversity get him down. What happened on his eighteenth birthday?
he was attacked by a bald eagle
he was got in the way of a combine harvester
he was run over by a more privileged teenager
he was blown up in a silo explosion
Frank Grimes, or Grimey as he likes to be called, is hired to work at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Homer is especially impressed by his:
engraved desk set
monogrammed pencils
personalized paperweight
business cards
Lenny and Carl each have a Masters, but when Homer showed up the day they opened the plant, he didn’t even know what a _______________ was.
nuclear pooter plant
nuclear panner plant
nuclear pepper plant
nuclear pizza plant
Marge is shopping for a new licence plate, but “MARGE” is already taken. What name is available?
Meanwhile, Bart buys a factory at a tax seizure auction. What’s the address?
28 Warehouse Road
31 Enterprise Street
19 Foundation Row
35 Industry Way
Grimey thinks that Homer eats like a pig. Lenny thinks he eats more like a:
By Lenny’s count, how many times should Homer have died?
two hundred and eight
three hundred and sixteen
four hundred and five
six hundred and twenty
Grimey lives both above and below two separate:
diesel generators
lawnmower repair shops
newspaper presses
bowling alleys
Homer shows Grimey all of the following pictures except:
Homer with President Ford
Homer receiving the key to the city
Homer on tour with the Smashing Pumpkins
Homer in outer space
Bart and Milhouse have a meeting to discuss what to do next. What’s the answer?
stripping out the copper wire
riding the desks down the stairs
dropping adding machines in barrels of industrial waste
making jet packs from the fire extinguishers
Homer decides to become more professional at work to impress Grimey. To professionalism! What does the motivational caption on his new poster say?
Wisdom Through Enterprise
Together We Can Do It
Mr. Good Employee
Grimey plans to humiliate Homer by having him enter a model nuclear power plant contest. What does Homer need for the project?
elbow macaroni and glue-on sparkles
papier mache and silly string
modelling clay and bendy straws
beads and pipecleaners
35 Industry Way collapses, and the newly-homeless rats migrate to:
Springfield Elementary School
Springfield General Hospital
Springfield Retirement Castle
Homer’s contest entry was to basically copy the plant as it is now, but he added:
neon lights to jazz it up
tinted windows for privacy
fins to lower wind resistance
a nitrous oxide system to make it faster
Grimey dies from:
diving into a vat of toxic waste
drinking acid
exposure to the reactor core

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