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How Well Do You Know: Rain Man
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1. Charlie Babbitt is trying to get one of these sports cars pass a EPA inspection. What kind of car is it?
2. What state are Charlie and Raymond from?
3. What kind of car did Charlie and his dad have a falling out over?
1945 Lincoln Continental
1957 Studebaker Goldenhawk
1948 Buick Roadmaster
1955 Pontiac Chieftain
4. Besides the car, what did Charlie's dad leave Charlie?
Bone china dish set
Small pine trees
A set of Tiffany lamps
Rose bushes
5. How much money did Raymond's dad leave to Raymond?
$4 million
$3 million
$5 million
$2 million
6. What's the name of Raymond's main man?
7. When Charlie first takes Raymond to the hotel, Raymond insists that on Mondays they have to eat:
Spaghetti and meat balls with orange jello
Fish sticks and banana fosters
Pizza and tapioca pudding
Beef and noodles with raspberry custard
8. Which actress plays the waitress with the toothpicks?
Laura Linney
Bonnie Hunt
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Monica Potter
9. How many toothpicks did Raymond count on the floor?
10. For Charlie and Raymond to get on a plane from an airline that has never crashed, they would have to fly from where?
New Zealand
11. For Raymond, it's lights out at:
12. Raymond only wants to wear boxer shorts that come from what store?
JC Penney's
13. Charlie and Raymond have to go to a stranger's house to watch TV. What show does Raymond have to watch?
The People's Court
This Old House
Wheel of Fortune
14. Raymond's red notebook is for recording serious injuries. What injury did he suffer at the hands of Charlie?
Charlie yanked his arm
Charlie pulled his ear
Charlie squeezed his neck
Charlie smacked his hand
15. What Beatles song did Raymond sing to Charlie when he was a baby?
This Boy
She Loves You
Love Me Do
When I Saw Her Standing There
16. What did Raymond do to Charlie when he was a baby, to make them send him away?
Burn him with water
Gave him food that made him choke
Kept leaving the basement door open
Dropped him
17. What does Raymond do to give Charlie the idea to count cards in Las Vegas?
Remember numbers from a map
Remember numbers from a phone book
Remember songs on a jukebox
Count tooth picks that fell from a box
18. According to Charlie, what is the cardinal rule in Las Vegas?
Don't let them catch you cheating
Don't let them catch you counting cards
Never get to greedy
Always have a quick way out
19. Raymond wants Charlie to bet on Wheel of Fortune. Charlie loses $3,000 on what number that Raymond was so sure of?
20. Raymond meets a hooker named Iris. What does Raymond say he likes about her?
Her hair was bouncy
She smelled like food
She was colorful
She was sparkly
21. What does Susanna teach Raymond to do?
Talk to a girl
Do his hair
22. How much money does Dr. Bruner offer Charlie to walk away from Raymond?
$1.5 million
$1 million
23. Raymond has a fit at Charlie's apartment. What loud noise scares him?
Smoke alarm
Fire alarm
Alarm clock
Police siren
24. What sign of affection does Raymond finally allow Charlie at the end of the film?
A small hug
Holding hands
Putting their heads together
Leaning against one another
25. What Academy awards did Rain Man win?
Best Picture, Best Actor,Best Original Score, Best Director
Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Film Editing
Best Picture, Best Director, Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography
Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay

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